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Attention | Update on the official specifications of the new Mi2S

It is very important for anyone who is interested in purchasing a Mi2S from 32gb, so we kindly ask you to pay close attention to what is mentioned in this article.


The Mi2S is still one of the most requested phones also for the excellent quality price it offers. But I would like to focus on the quality factor or more in detail some technical specifications, because who is ready to buy it looks at the characteristics in this case we are talking about the 32GB which until now were these:

  • CPU: Quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T
  • GPU: Adreno 320
  • Camera (rear): 13MPx
  • Camera (front): 2MP
  • Services Data: GPRS / EDGE / DC-HSPA + (42Mbps)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 4.0, Bluetooth HID
  • RAM Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Screen: 4.3 inch HD 720p LCD touch screen
  • IPS: Retina Screen IPS Sharp
  • Resolution: 720p FULL HD

You will agree with me that the first thing that catches your eye when you look at the features of the Mi2S 32GB to buy it is the camera from 13MPx, and here's the point MI2S from 32GB with 13MPx camera is no longer produced (it's out of production).

As a result, a new one is produced Xiaomi MI2S always from 32GB with TD-CDMA and WCDMA connectivity (as on the OnePlus One) but with 8MPx camera.

If you are interested in purchasing you can find the new MI2S on our shop!

For more details or clarifications, write to us in our comments ...


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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