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Today we recommend 2 good tablets, excellent value for money, which will allow you to have a good business compromise with a budget really ...

I chose for you

Are you looking for a compact laptop that does not cost you a fortune? Chuwi has a product that may interest you, the Lapbook SE! Here are the ...

I chose for you

Are you curious to try what it means to control a lamp with your smartphone? The Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 is for you! A lamp ...

I chose for you

Today we offer an atypical product compared to what you usually see among our offers: it is the 24 screwdriver set in 1 Xiaomi, ...


Often we would like to bring hot / cold drinks to work / walk and the problem is always the same .. I do not have the Thermos !! From today Xiaomi Viomi there ...

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Do you need to give new verve to your living room or room? The Xiaomi Philips lamp could be what you are looking for. At a price ...

Great Buy

If you have never tried a Chinese brand tablet, we suggest you try the Teclast brand. You will not regret the purchase and above all ...

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Without a doubt one of the most expensive products chosen by Xiaomitoday, the Chinese company's laser projector promises unsurpassed video quality ...

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Do you need to monitor your home remotely? Never forget the safety of your most precious things? The Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera ...

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Today we offer you the new mid-range smartphone from Xiaomi, the beautiful Mi Play! This is the perfect device for those who do not digest the size and ...


If you want to make your home more and more smart, without spending a fortune, these Utorch bulbs are right for you! E27 attack, wi-fi, ...

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In this article we will report all the offers for the latest addition to the Xiaomi Mi Note series; Let's talk about a smartphone with excellent ...

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Are you considering buying a home water purifier, to reduce expenses on buying water? Here is the low cost solution! The guarantee of ...

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After the resounding success of the Xiaomi top range, the Mi 8, here is the Pro version for you! Unlike the "normal" Mi8 we will have a feature really ...

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Today we offer the Teclast Master T8 tablet, with good features and fingerprint sensor, which is rare on a tablet! Take advantage of ...

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Space hardware and sophisticated design compartment. An extraordinary offer. This is the only way to describe this occasion, which sees the protagonist ...

Great Buy

Silent and efficient, ILIFE V7S will take care of your floors taking advantage of its smart features. This is an affordable number for not ...

I chose for you

Today's offer is dedicated to Sj8 Pro, an action cam of absolute quality that has nothing to envy to brand products much more noble as ...

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Xiaomi Mi Mix
4 months August

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Lo Xiaomi Mi Mix is an Android smartphone that in 2016, together with Xiaomi Mi 5, dominated the ...

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  1. We do this, put the screen of the shipment you used. Without even seeing it, I already know it's expedited shipping.

  2. Return and get it here

  3. It is possible that he does not go out.

  4. The article is from last week, the code has expired. As soon as we have new ones we will put them. Follow us on telegram to avoid losing it.

  5. The article is from last week, the code has expired. As soon as we have new ones we will put them. Follow us on telegram to avoid losing it.

  6. which model do you refer to?

  7. Yes there is the discount code, EUGVBIP

  8. No, that the customs do not pay you but you have to select the type of shipping reported.

  9. Of course, with the application I home commands all the devices at a distance.

  10. If you want it you should buy it, because it is the price launch. Probably finished the first stock will increase at least 50 €

  11. Hard to say if it will officially arrive in Italy. For the current I think in line with such devices. Nowadays everything is built with an eye to energy saving.

  12. There are several others. Even that, in addition to cleaning, they wash the floor. They obviously cost something more.

  13. Hello ! I inform myself immediately. When did you write to him?

  14. My answer was to Alberto's comment. Yes, of course, keep an eye on the article and as soon as a code comes out we will update it. Currently there is a similar product on offer:

  15. Here it is: itmiband3
    follow us on telegram not to lose all the coupons:

  16. Take it from Banggood, which is a trustworthy site like gearbest.

  17. The article is from the 3 January, the price is no longer that.

  18. It's a system error, the code is this: 2BGR6GCL

  19. Both are fine, but choose "Italy registered"

  20. Who do you Love? where do you call? in China? You must open a ticket to get a refund. Now I'm on vacation for New Year's Eve, open the ticket and will answer you on Monday.

  21. Hi, it has expired. They are limited pieces to be taken on the fly. Follow this post which is constantly updated with new coupons as soon as they are provided.

  22. eh, unfortunately, yes. Tracking from China is always a problem, as long as it does not arrive here often it is not updated.

  23. You must select the standard shipping

  24. Sometimes it happens that they are changed on the same day, in any case 6 € is the cost of a registered letter in Italy .... To send a vacuum cleaner from China by courier I would say that the free term is almost the same 🙂 For the above question , yes without customs.

  25. Hello! Within your BG account you should have the order with the tracking number and the links to track it. Consider about 3 weeks maximum.

  26. We have been posting on average 20 deals a day for years, you're the first person who has not understood what it means "expired"

  27. I think you should continue to buy in the store because you do not seem a lot on the piece with online purchases. Good evening.

  28. Apparently you did not really understand anything .. the bold function is used by web publishers not to have to remove all times and recreate the offer box in question, which is a long procedure. If then there are people who can not understand the difference between a bold (with the words "EXPIRED") and the one in green is another matter.

  29. If there is the bold function, it will be useful for something ... no? 😉 As soon as it becomes available again it will become affordable then green.

  30. To take advantage of the coupon, the minimum cost is 100 €

  31. If it is in bold type it is not available ...

  32. Hello, on banggood "priority direct mail", on Gearbest the one that is under "priority line".

  33. The article is from last week. But tell me about your order, are you waiting for shipping from black friday? Write to us in private on the mail of our facebook page

  34. All those reported, on BangGood, the priority direct mail on Gearbest the priority shipping (registered Italy)

  35. Right annotation. Thank you.

  36. Hello Fabrizio, works in BT. Or in Wi-Fi but through BLE gateway

  37. There are no conditions of use, just use them before they expire.

  38. Color is not indicated, the reported price obviously refers to the lowest. In this case the black color. The Blue one costs more. - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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