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When Xiaomi Mi Band 5 arrived on the market, we were partly disappointed due to the absence of the features that were promised to us. Let's talk about ...


One of the most popular smartphones that has contributed to the success of the Xiaomi brand in the world is represented by the legendary Mi 5, to date perhaps the only terminal ...


We have been hearing the name of Redmi Note 10 and its Pro variant for quite a while now, two new smartphones that could debut as soon as possible in ...


You have heard us mention the word rebrand several times, often indicating the devices that the POCO company has recently proposed on the market, such as ...


We live in a truly frenetic technological era, where the common thread of the moment seems to be speed. A smartphone must be quick to perform ...


The days when smartphone OEMs presented a top of the range a year are far away, but now we have reached the point where not only the line up ...


During the presentation briefing of the Mi 10T series, Xiaomi Italia had anticipated that despite the period of crisis that we are still experiencing on the road ...


Anyone who knows Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform, also known as Youpin, knows that almost daily products of all kinds arrive here, to ...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JxNPmM2Gs0 Ogni volta che arriva sul mercato un’aspirapolvere di un brand cinese, sentiamo spesso la dicitura “l’anti ...


The news of the new update of the Xiaomi Note application is very fresh, which integrates interesting news but above all has made people talk ...


The appointments with its public by Xiaomi do not end, which today in India has formalized the new POCO C3. Actually the smartphone ...


Xiaomi fans are waiting for the launch of the new TWS headphones of the Asian brand, which should also give us ANC technology for a greater ...


With the onset of the first autumn colds, Xiaomi begins to offer many products that pamper us. This time we are talking about a product dedicated to lovers ...


Just a few days ago we told you about a toy made in Xiaomi that would also appeal to us adults, and now here is Lei Jun's company if ...


This week begins with the presentation of a very interesting gadget landed on Xiaomi Youpin, which will certainly arouse the curiosity of many, that is ...


Apparently, among the various TV sticks on the market, the Chromecast egg has arrived that integrates Google TV, already reaching the top of the preferences of ...


A few days ago, a launch event was held in India which also anticipated some news for the European market. In fact, among the news that Xiaomi India has ...


Maybe it was the small hours of last night, maybe it will be something else, the fact is that this morning we woke up with a pain in the back that makes ...

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  1. Dear friends, unfortunately I had foreseen it.

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    Emanuele Iafulla 20 June 2018 at 20: 07

    currently only at the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi that does not ship to Italy

  3. For those who often do not have time to take a walk, the utility is more than justified.

  4. The 3 Mi has a CPU Snapdragon 800 fifth you can theoretically do that, but you have to find the right camera moddata for your device. You must patiently find the one that's right for you.

  5. Thanks Biagio for sharing your experience. GREAT ... glad that everything is ok

  6. Thanks so much. I am happy that reading the review is also to your satisfaction.

  7. the price was leaked, I suggest you re-read the article because you will be pleasantly surprised

  8. we hope it really is

  9. Hi Marco, unfortunately Youpin's crowdfunding is in no way accessible as purchases for us Italians, not so much by account or otherwise, but precisely because the shipment is not made outside of China.

  10. We all hope so, even if we never wanted to see the success of these gadgets !!!

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    Emanuele Iafulla 24 July 2020 at 1: 11

    Hi, it is not possible to deactivate neither the Play Store nor the Play Service. The only solution is to opt for modding and then install a Custom ROM. But curiosity, why disable GMS? Huawei is losing customers for this thing ...

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    Emanuele Iafulla 13 July 2020 at 19: 24

    as written in the article you need java. you always find the link inside the article

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    Emanuele Iafulla 29 June 2020 at 15: 10


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    Emanuele Iafulla 25 June 2020 at 15: 15

    you currently can't unless you find it on alternative stores like AliExpress

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    Emanuele Iafulla 23 June 2020 at 11: 39

    given that I have to try both the realme and mi 10, if you find a good offer I would say mi 10, at current prices I recommend x3 super zoom

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    Emanuele Iafulla 10 June 2020 at 18: 36


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    Emanuele Iafulla 10 June 2020 at 18: 36

    Thanks to you for sharing your experience.

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    Emanuele Iafulla 8 June 2020 at 21: 11

    I missed it in particular. however, according to AliExpress, the NFC sensor is only available for the 4 GB RAM variant.

  19. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 June 2020 at 21: 10

    I will put the link of the perfect GCam in the written review

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    Emanuele Iafulla 8 June 2020 at 21: 09

    the seller has assured you to issue an invoice but not to do it with Italian standard. if you pay in dollars, the invoice is international and not Italian. so be careful not to get screwed.

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    Emanuele Iafulla 5 June 2020 at 19: 01

    can not be done

  22. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 29 May 2020 at 17: 02

    We are gearing up to find the models you mentioned ... STAY TUNED

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    Emanuele Iafulla 28 April 2020 at 9: 15

    Yes you must have unlocked bootoader and installed recovery

  24. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 27 April 2020 at 9: 25

    Christian does not need to agree since the procedure in the article refers to a calibration, the one you described (however incorrect) refers to how to make the battery last longer.

  25. The ability to record calls is missing

  26. I confirm the absence of dialers, messages, app evaluations and miui browsers to give space to what Google offers

  27. Just to make you understand what you have said so far how much it had no foundation, given that Redmi Note 9S is in the official Xiaomi Italia price list. Look here: https://www.mi.com/it/redmi-note-9s

  28. But who told you that we are not waiting for an NFC version? Of course we await it but this does not imply that Redmi Note 9S is not also for our market. I honestly don't understand your sterile controversy.

  29. I'm sorry you warmed up so much. Mine was a legitimate question, as saying that it is not for our market is untruthful. We must not put any doubt in this regard.

  30. We have already tried Redmi Note 8 Pro but now we no longer have this terminal

  31. And why shouldn't it be destined for our market? Redmi Note 9S is exclusive to the Global market and therefore also Italian

  32. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 7 April 2020 at 14: 45

    Given that no one is forcing anyone to buy this smartwatch nor any other market, I would like to understand where your intelligent claim comes from that you can find information from the internet just to throw down an article of dubious "useful" information. The article reports the fact related to a new product that could also arrive in our market, as happened for the Haylou S1 and since you spent a second in downloading the app, you will surely have noticed that for the global market there is the Haylou Sport application, which is in English and not Chinese. Therefore I find your comment doubtful, only to create misinformation, but what I find even more petty and of doubtful intelligence, is your search for exclusivity in information from China.

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    Emanuele Iafulla 7 April 2020 at 9: 06

    That I am aware Redmi 8 has no problem with Google services in general. You can go quiet in relying on this smartphone

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    Emanuele Iafulla 6 April 2020 at 17: 02

    I was tempted to remove your comment, instead I prefer to keep it to allow all other users to see how pathetic your contribution is.

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    Emanuele Iafulla 6 April 2020 at 9: 54

    At the moment we have no sales dates as the product is crowdfunded.

  36. I don't understand if the comment is ironic or something?

  37. I don't think, for the other generations at least that's how it was.

  38. You find it as Redmi k20 ...

  39. great suggestion, who knows if the development team will take this into account?

  40. Updated guide

  41. in the article you will find the download link to 3.5.0

  42. I would not be biased but I highly recommend the Mi 9 SE

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    Emanuele Iafulla 31 March 2019 at 0: 46

    great idea ... in fact in the past they had pulled out a sort of roller shutter motor of the AQARA brand

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    Emanuele Iafulla 31 March 2019 at 0: 44

    hello Andrea, I'm realizing a guide about it. Indeed I take the opportunity to ask for your references to quote you in the article ...

  45. Try to hide them all

  46. yeah

  47. in fact, prevention is better than cure

  48. it's true there is still too little information, but we will not fail to do some updates, so stay connected

  49. thanks for the tip

  50. Perhaps you read the article in a rush. Oreo at the time they only released it for the China branch and not Global. You will have to wait a little longer

  51. It is probably necessary to wait a few more days, as happened for the A2 Mi, of which the OTA update was established after about a week from the official release.

  52. Unfortunately, Xiaomi is delaying on this device. The MIUI Stabile is present but only for the Gill China.

  53. thanks for the report, we have removed the links. In fact, the links proposed were those of the official forum, which also removed the links. What unfortunately bad is that the correct ones have not been posted to the download.

  54. because the mi mix 2s received android P in beta, and so the development is towards that direction.

  55. I'm at work on the guide that will come out these days, maybe already tomorrow

  56. sure? check better the link works great

  57. maybe you have already installed the previous launcher ... try to uninstall it ...

  58. but I do not see the reason to use ADB when you just need to configure a simple APN. The guide is certainly valid but for old devices

  59. simply because the apk is not yet available on Play Store ... however my name is IAFULLA and not LAFULLA

  60. no we are waiting for the arrival, but we are still in ...

  61. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 August 2018 at 8: 28

    Gracias. alternatively, he can conectar the bar de sonido to the TV to través de la salida AUX y luego controlar el volumen desde el remote control of the television. a solución little práctica but funcional

  62. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 August 2018 at 8: 27

    eh we do not know, from the characteristics released on the crowdfunding site has not been specified. but I doubt it will arrive on alternative stores, as the software remains only in Chinese.

  63. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 August 2018 at 8: 26

    The Purple Cow is a reference to Seth Godin's marketing metaphors to define a product or service that, due to its characteristics and quality, is unique, original and extraordinary

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    Emanuele Iafulla 3 August 2018 at 8: 24

    thanks for the report I insert it in the notes

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    Emanuele Iafulla 19 July 2018 at 15: 50

    today's news is the official launch. And we have the 20 band support plan

  66. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 19 July 2018 at 15: 48

    guys the prices are always referred to the launch by Xiaomi in China ...

  67. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 9 July 2018 at 10: 15


  68. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 2 July 2018 at 9: 47

    ehehe unfortunately the Chinese have small little feet and have not considered the big "slices" of us Westerners

  69. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 23 June 2018 at 10: 48

    but what you're saying?

  70. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 23 June 2018 at 10: 47

    the 6x mi has not yet received the 10 miui due to strong bugs that make the system unstable

  71. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 20 June 2018 at 20: 07

    nothing ... we tried !!!

  72. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 18 June 2018 at 16: 49

    I completely agree…

  73. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 14 June 2018 at 9: 26

    no, you must necessarily have the root. The installable APKs you find on the network do not offer all the features of GCam Mod

  74. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 13 June 2018 at 19: 10

    theoretically it happens through GPS locator, that is, it sends the coordinates while if it loses the WiFi signal the application sends an alert ... but we'll tell you better as soon as more complete information comes out

  75. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 13 June 2018 at 19: 08

    you find it in the Security app, choose the Manage Apps item then Permissions and the last item below Allow Root Access enables the permissions

  76. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 June 2018 at 15: 41

    and we do not even understand it ... jokes apart from the official teaser reports a redeem 6 without notch, but previously the certification 3c and TENAA had reported 3 models and not one, so even seen the images leaked online a few days ago is not excluded the possibility of redeeming 6 with notch, for example a redmi 6 plus

  77. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 June 2018 at 11: 24

    eh no, it's not right to make articles, but to make information. The market expects that alternative stores can sell products at the price they want, but not for this we must list all the price variations of each individual store. For that already exists the Telegram channel, as well as the blog itself in which we report all the best offers.

  78. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 2 June 2018 at 14: 07

    Hello everyone, personally I have not received OTA notifications, but I advise in any case not to downgrade especially for that version you mentioned. A question you have tried to see if setting up for example on Russia you have the same problem, that is showing you as MIUI the 9.2?

  79. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 30 May 2018 at 23: 21

    08 hours: Italian 00 while the streaming will be broadcast on Facebook at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/941489189365900/

  80. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 29 May 2018 at 22: 04

    I do not think it's in Xiaomi's projects at the moment

  81. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 25 May 2018 at 9: 19

    it is not said, this is an initial list, as happened for MIUI 9 will probably be integrated other devie

  82. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 25 May 2018 at 9: 18

    in fact I specified in the article that the solutions offered by Xiaomi are very good, but for someone an AMOLED display would be the top as for someone the 20 band is vital, in my case useless. but in any case we just have to wait for the 31 May to discover the whole truth, on the other hand we know Xiaomi loves to amaze.

  83. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 21 May 2018 at 19: 58

    now everything is possible, unfortunately the rumors in the last days have upset, confirmed and canceled at the same time as until now was a "certainty".

  84. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 18 May 2018 at 11: 22

    hello unfortunately you did not wrong anything in the procedure but apparently the application has a bug. It has already been reported to the developer who should release a new version

  85. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 15 May 2018 at 23: 54

    it is advisable to delete them before proceeding, the data do not remain in memory so it is preferable to make a backup. but excuse the question you have a farlocca rom? in short, it's been a long time since we have heard of these Roma because they are very forbidden ...

  86. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 May 2018 at 16: 51

    Hello Roberto considering that the price is expected to fall while the terminal can only improve, the spending gap is worth it. Of course I do not recommend it to those who already own the Mi Mix 2 but for those who want a top of the range made in Xiaomi, well that's what it does for him. And then let's see it, Mi Mix 2S like Mi Mix 2 and Mi Mix is ​​a work of art, there are those who spend billions for Picasso paintings !!!

  87. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 May 2018 at 16: 47

    Cher Plumplum, vous avez absolument raison. Dans nombreux articles, nous avons souligné à maintes reprises que les tests de référence, en particulier ceux relatifs à la base de données Geekbench, sont également faux. Mais pour mémoire, nous devons signaler les nouvelles à divers utilisateurs, comme fonts tous les blogs technologiques. En tout cas nous apprécions votre regard et nous vous remercions de nous suivre.
    Ici vous trouverez l'article ou nous avons mis en évidence les trolls Geekbench.

  88. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 May 2018 at 10: 39

    undoubtedly Nokia is recording good numbers, but I do not see many users proud of having purchased their smartphone

  89. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 May 2018 at 10: 38

    anyway if you want to give an eye to the product pages this is the link: https://youpin.mi.com/detail?gid=100612&pid=6654

  90. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 11 May 2018 at 10: 37

    Hello, at the moment the watch is only available in crowdfunding, a platform that does not ship to Italy. It is therefore necessary to wait for the arrival on the stores known to us.

  91. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 5 May 2018 at 17: 07

    more tempting than a double room with AI technology, excellent SoC and Xiaomi quality?

  92. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 5 May 2018 at 17: 06

    I'm not of the same opinion, xiaomi without miui is like rocco siffredi without his ... well you understand

  93. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 May 2018 at 13: 58

    I suggest you to visit the page mi.com/it where you can find the details on the warranty in Italy

  94. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 May 2018 at 13: 57


  95. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 2 May 2018 at 13: 14

    some rumors just want the CPU you mentioned but others assume an SD 636 that I have to say is not bad

  96. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 1 May 2018 at 11: 56

    in a certain sense the Mi Band 3 has to keep its own icon, which exploded with the 2 version, but revolutionizing would not make sense ... in short, we think of the automotive market. FIAT has not distorted the design of the 500 has only modernized it.

  97. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 1 May 2018 at 11: 54

    maybe, but remember that Samsunh, Huawei etc .. propose their terminals, at day one, about 1000 euro ...

  98. I added a sort of video review in the end so that you can evaluate the quality

  99. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 26 April 2018 at 2: 38

    Substantial differences relate to the processor which in this case is an 660 SD, improved camera, and more premium design

  100. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 26 April 2018 at 2: 37

    recharging takes place via the cable supplied with normal household power supply. the entrance for charging is placed under the saddle. about the approval and license I think that our legislature foresees the use only by license, just as for motorized scooters. but consider that this is one of those products that we will never see in Italy.

  101. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 26 April 2018 at 2: 35

    unfortunately I confirm the absence of the 20 band.

  102. at the moment it is only available in crowdfunding that does not ship to Italy

  103. what smartphone model do you have?

  104. 5,99 inches ... in practice the same dimensions as redmi 5 notes

  105. The Mi Max 2 is a great smartphone. In fact it is my main device

  106. Given that the article is made clear that some features may differ depending on the model, what does xiaomi.eu have to do with MIUI Global Stable?

  107. It is already available for download. Here the article https://www.xiaomitoday.it/?p=40386

  108. hello unfortunately in crowdfunding you can not buy with shipping in Italy.

  109. certainly the images could be a fake, even if the author is the same one that a year ago unveiled the design of Mi 6

  110. official date no ... only rumors

  111. they are points of view, personally I care more about substance than aesthetics. even if I do not understand the fact of criticizing Xiaomi because it does not diversify its models too much when Apple with its iPhone has never come up with anything amazing or original, however, with hardware crippled than rivals. in short, today they have not yet understood that perhaps including the possibility of expanding memory is an obligation

  112. Hey, two more products and you can officially open the first Italian Mi Store

  113. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 9 April 2018 at 19: 13

    No bugs or limitations have been discovered, but currently the reviews have been carried out with the China Stable ROM on board, little optimized for our country. So it's like driving a Ferrari at first ...

  114. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 4 April 2018 at 20: 09

    remember that these are rumors and that everything must be confirmed, however xiaomi redmi 5 plus is an excellent smartphone, better than many entry level proposals of the most famous brands. the "problem" (and good for us) of Xiaomi is that it manages to pull out terminals from fear with prices from 70 euro to rise unlike brands like huawei that churns out top of the range really good but that on the medium-low range really makes penalty, all at prices decidedly out of trade compared to what was proposed by Xiaomi.

  115. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 4 April 2018 at 14: 45

    works as long as the BL is unlocked. But you could incur an initial block in which the touch screen does not react to any touch, but solvable using an external keyboard and mouse thanks to OTG support.

  116. almost all moddate GCAMs have this problem. The cases in which slow motion is working are rare.

  117. The saddle is not adjustable and of course not having your height I can not give you opinions on comfort in this sense, but on the net I found several people who use it and one in a video seems very high and yet it gives positive reviews in all that that uses it to make some small BMX amateur races.

  118. have just been presented in China, it is normal that on GB still not present ...

  119. I would not talk about deception, Banggood has simply made a mistake in the data sheet, in fact he recently corrected the resolution of the front camera to 13 megapixel while previously had marked by 20 that is that of the Indian version. It has not corrected the opening, but if you read in the comments to the product appeared at Banggood it is confirmed that the device is the version presented in China.

  120. Hi, I actually messed up with the Indian version, so I corrected the article. On the 3.0 quick charge is the same Lei Jun to write it in a place on Weibo that I added to the article

  121. Xiaomi did not give any indication, but I personally think that it remains on the back as the previous generation, as the company will play the sensor card under the display for the Mi 7.

  122. For the price it is difficult to estimate, but undoubtedly the price of Mi Mix 2 will fall

  123. Unfortunately we do not know if and when the product will be available for our market, often not all products of Xiaomi and subbrand come to us

  124. great, it's always nice to know that something works

  125. great ... I'm glad you did

  126. Luca, you probably are not careful, because the first to say that he had failed in the installation was the user Andrea who wrote both here and on Facebook. Andrea then succeeded because he did not perform the procedure in the right way.

  127. if I'm not wrong Gearbest invalidates the warranty if there is a flash of the firmware, but in our case is an installation of the operating system as if we installed a linux distro etc .. In any case I suggest you contact directly the store that will answer in short time.

  128. A top-of-the-range smartphone with a shell design. If you look for W2018 you will find photos of the one recently presented in December in Korea.

  129. I personally have not encountered these problems. I only know that for some models of mijia action camera 4k there has been a problem with the microphone, which seems to record sounds amplified. Xiaomi is trying to correct with the release of an update but at the moment there are no dates or other indications. However these days I will try to do a thorough test on what you have found and in case I will try to update you.

  130. currently the information is very basic. the product is still crowdfunding and therefore no one has managed to put our hands on it to give more detailed information than the one issued by the manufacturer, which often provides basic and unclear indications.

  131. hi the dimensions are equal to 147 x 71,2 x 14,2 mm. The weight is not stated on the official website, but Gearbest indicates it equal to 215 grams.

  132. in the article, towards the end you find all the information

  133. the article has been updated with all the appropriate information

  134. go to the PROFILE tag, select MI BAND 2 and then find the Application Alerts tab

  135. Hello, I apologize for the bad. I respond to your comment. In fact, the mouse is produced with the participation of the Mijia platform of Xiaomi. The article does not say that Xiaomi is the manufacturer of the mouse but simply that it is proposing it to its users. Thank you for the report and for the study.

  136. they may look like a few 3300 mAhs, but the "low resolution" of the display and the low-powered CPU might work wonders. In my opinion, wait for the first reviews.

  137. We will do a further study on this

  138. We will take a closer look at the case

  139. very similar design if not identical but at least from the picture the vivid v7 plus has side frames on the display more marked than that shown in the picture. you can compare the two models here https://i1.wp.com/blog.smartprix.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Vivo-V7-Plus-Review-in-images-12.jpg?fit=1200%2C800

  140. however, you must become a designer by following the other guide that you always find in the guide section

  141. Personally I found them on AliExpress but the link to the seller is no longer working. In any case, I suggest you check there maybe taking the measurements of the screw you are looking for. The thing that I find strange is that as a result of the vibrations are being lost ... do not want it but maybe you have not very well.

  142. in fact, the VIOMI Aroma Diffuser has an atomizer inside it that transforms the water into steam.

  143. hello and thank you for your compliments. according to non official sources the SAR values ​​for Xiaomi Mi A1 are: 1.75 W / Kg for head (EU), 0.76 W / Kg for body (EU).

  144. Hi, I confirm that with the Francko version you can see the caller ID, but the beat monitoring remains manual and not continuous.

  145. I honestly doubt this on this product ... but I assure you that it is so banal that it was also in Arabic the band was quietly usable

  146. in part I share ... that's why vinyls are back in fashion. but it is still a good idea

  147. you are right, and I'm glad that our blogs are attentive like you ... but unfortunately many people have written and gave the news for real ... and the funny thing is that some international headlines are still talking about mixing me like 2s actually existing.

  148. There is both the kit with 25 strips and needles as well as the one with 75. The price however in the article refers to the kit with 25 strips

  149. The strap has tabs at the ends so it just needs to press and pull the strap from the base. Spare parts are still unavailable, but I think Xiaomi let them go out soon as he did for the BIP.

  150. hello, I personally do not know what you are referring to. anyway I put the source at the bottom of the page so that you can check that my article is not a buffalo.

  151. usually max 72 hours are required. have you checked well in the messages ... how did you register by mail or cell phone number?

  152. I find it weird because we have also tested the procedure without any problems. your antivirus probably recognizes it with a false positive.

  153. for the tool I would let Marco respond that surely he understands more than me. for the rest I can tell you that Global does not enable the 20 band but simply brings with it the Italian language and the Google services already pre-installed natively.

  154. I do not think it will mount the 660

  155. compatible with 100% of nespresso

  156. I do not think ... there is currently a fairly famous Spanish store but I prefer not to mention it

  157. Do you need the source because you do not trust it or else? However, the source is already specified in the article. And if you are just like St Thomas then look here: https://www.elespanol.com/economia/empresas/20171002/251225672_0.html

  158. if you do not see anything, it is not that it does not work, but simply did not insert the backup files correctly

  159. I honestly doubt it

  160. well, well, the black matches with everything

  161. Hi I did the review with rom China and installed the Google services including contact synchronization, calendar etc ... through the single apk. The phone goes well. Of course BL unlock would be the top but compared to many phones it is really the top. You will surely have seen other reviews where you have been able to enter xiaomi.eu without problems and if you know the word best buy is the thread of all the videos. Anyway, in my opinion you have done well to buy it and you will not regret it. To let you know the phone better now, since I was given the opportunity to keep it, now my wife uses that of Xiaomi knows almost nothing yet despite China has no problems using it.

  162. They are just rumors and so it could be plausible for everything.

  163. What are your problems? I just tried it and it works perfectly well

  164. Unfortunately, we do not have any news about it, but since it is available the guide to translated into Italian, which you find in our guide section of our site, I would say that you do not feel the need.

  165. Max unfortunately Fabrizio was right, I added the information after that request because when I wrote the article they were not yet provided.

  166. Thank you for the compliments but unfortunately I'm doubting to make a review on the silver / white version, if so would be for the smartphones we should do a review for each color. Anyway my favorite is the orange one.

  167. I also noticed it, but it may also be that the Type-C USB port offers the possibility of connecting Head-Type-C headphones, offering a better sound output while keeping the 3.5 mm jack input. The Apollo X of Vernee also offers this function.

  168. well look forward to the full features ... it could be a best buy as instead a big "one." but generally Xiaomi offers great devices at fairly decent prices

  169. eheh from good roman I eat double when they serve and put them when they do not serve

  170. Hi, the power output is equal to 1800 W while the load capacity is 1.5 liters using about 5 minutes to reach the ebolisation point. The attack is of the Chinese schuko type and therefore we need to have an adapter for our sockets. I updated the article with the required information. Thanks for the tip

  171. hi bluetooth is always active but only when it is paired with the smartphone the same affects the battery life

  172. hi bluetooth is always active but only when it is paired with the smartphone the same affects the battery life

  173. the menu is so intuitive that I personally think buying the English version is just a throw of money.

  174. hello I just got the wrong link. Now you find it up to date

  175. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 29 July 2017 at 0: 04

    Hi Ale, thanks for the report. I became aware of having posted a failed apk. Please check back tomorrow morning by clicking on the download button found in the article as I'm posting the new working file and updating the article. Thanks again

  176. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 28 July 2017 at 21: 45

    Hi Federico, provided that your escamotage is not your invention, but a method resumed by the MIUI forum, I'm going to make an update guide so that the various users have a common reference point. In that case, it will be my intention to point out also you the various contributions of the guide.

  177. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 28 July 2017 at 21: 42

    you can tell who you are

  178. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 28 July 2017 at 10: 11

    Hi, I updated the article by explaining in short lines the process behind the Mi 6 mirrors. That is why I claim that the price is subcontracted.

  179. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 12 July 2017 at 17: 48

    Thanks for the compliments Maurizio, however I do not disdain the white / gold match at least on this terminal.

  180. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 9 July 2017 at 9: 45

    Hello Alessandro, this projector is a niche product, maybe we will not see it soon but generally Gearbest.com treats these products so hope is the last to die.

  181. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 July 2017 at 18: 42

    Hello Michele, we all look forward to the advent of these new smartphones. We also hope in a new look from the design point of view

  182. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 3 July 2017 at 12: 55

    Hi, for the covers definitely not about the films inform me and update you.

  183. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 25 June 2017 at 11: 37

    Exclusively maybe not but probably will not come up on all models.

  184. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 June 2017 at 17: 26

    What do you mean by working with the modem for fiber? If you want to self-configuration, I would not know how to tell you personally because I'm not "lucky" to have Telecom, but I can tell you that the Mi Home application is easy to set up and you should definitely be able to extend your modem signal, other should be one of the most popular and therefore supported.

  185. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 June 2017 at 17: 24

    Hi, I confirm memory is UFS 2.0 and not 2.1. The Notifications LED is just white.

  186. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 27 May 2017 at 11: 31

    how did you find disappointing the first generation? I personally could only try it and on that occasion I was well.

  187. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 19 May 2017 at 23: 38

    Hello Angelo, maybe a trivial question, but have you made all the steps in the guide or did you replace the Play Store with the old version as specified in the guide 6 and 7?

  188. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 16 May 2017 at 18: 10

    At the moment the only interaction is through the Mi Home app but on the official site, trying to translate from Chinese, it seems that in the future it will also be possible to control the camera from PC. But at present Mi Home remains the only way.

  189. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 16 May 2017 at 14: 20

    No room is designed for immediate use without cables. only that of the food. you download the Mi Home app and make any settings.

  190. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 16 May 2017 at 10: 40

    There is no RJ45 port, so you can not power the camera via PoE (Power over Ethernet). The room only uses WiFi.

  191. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 16 May 2017 at 9: 12

    at the moment we have no reliable news yet. we wait for the release and in case we will update the item with the stores that will propose it for sale.

  192. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 13 May 2017 at 9: 08

    surely the price of online stores will be higher than that offered by Xiaomi but is undoubtedly still a good price compared to so many other smartphones

  193. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 12 May 2017 at 11: 47

    hello as said by Giuseppe the version of 10 inches remains only a rumors. in fact the Mi Pad 3 has been released too quickly and therefore we do not exclude an enhanced and improved version of the same.

  194. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 May 2017 at 12: 09

    already ... the trend of the future ... seems like a century has passed since mobiles called and just ...

  195. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 8 May 2017 at 12: 06

    Hi Yi dashcam released last year is an equally valid alternative that at least on paper would look even higher than the Mijia model. The possibility of firmware in English, though not so immediate as it needs to be snapped a bit, is definitely a point in favor but I assure you that using Mijia is so simple that once you understand the entries in Chinese, the same is not absolutely a problem.
    What to choose? Well this also depends on you, the products are pretty much the same, although Mijia certainly offers more video quality. I personally would opt for the Mijia Car DVR.

  196. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 21 April 2017 at 8: 34

    Like every top of the range, the launch price is quite expensive, even though, in my opinion, such a price already has a lot to do with many other models.

  197. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 21 April 2017 at 8: 33

    Hi Max, with Xiaomi you can never say. Ultimately, during the launch of the Mi Note 2, they surprised Mi Mix, both top-of-the-range but different in many aspects starting with design. COnsidera yesterday that MI 6 Plus received 3C certification, and so soon we will hear about him too.

  198. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 18 April 2017 at 8: 47

    Just observation though at present the Chinese "brands" undoubtedly offer more quality than the smaller brands. Unbalanced Huawei, who has now entered the top brands and is undergoing and takes on all that is behind the fame, companies such as Xiaomi still have to offer competitive prices

  199. Hi Alex I'm glad you solved, I'm sorry to answer you only now but between work and the highway I was hard to connect if not now. Anyway, thank you for your compliments and do not hesitate to contact us again for doubts or comparisons. Since we are in the topic I wish you Good Easter.

  200. you can not uninstall it because it is not an application. you can disable it from your phone settings

  201. Hi HondaMi, we hope more than anything else to be able to propose in the near a nice review so as to offer you the genuineness of true pictures and not extracted from the internet

  202. Hello Max undoubtedly the price of the Chinese version is cheaper but above all if you like "chubby" the Chinese version offers many more options.

  203. Hello complicated, have you logged in with MIUI accounts? Try, however, later sometimes the servers make the whims, though personally to me has all gone smoothly from the first moment

  204. Hello Moreno what version of MIUI do you have? Global, Developer or more?

  205. Reply
    Emanuele Iafulla 6 March 2017 at 9: 05

    it means that the price will be used to finance the production ... in short, a kind of kickstarter

  206. Thank you so many Catholics ... I will follow this guide.

  207. Currently available only on the Xiaomi store. But we hope to arrive early on other stores as well.
    I leave you the link to peek: http://home.mi.com/shop/detail?gid=461&f=b0

  208. Hi Davide, indeed, the Mi Pad 3 does not appear on the list, but that does not mean that it is not in the company's programs. Unfortunately, it should also be stressed that the tablet market is somewhat downward due to the appearance of 2 in 1. Maybe Xiaomi, are you thinking of a twist in that?

  209. Hi Hany, I confirm the 20 band on the 6 GB version of RAM defined as Global Edition. With regard to the display, many users have complained of the tendency to blue especially in edge edges but personally, and maybe I was lucky, I've never encountered this problem, indeed I have to say it is one of the most beautiful displays I've seen on smartphones to test me.

  210. Hi Ivabellini, at the moment there is no news about it but consider that NFC technology is not used at this time so personally I doubt it will be included in economic models. But Xiaomi loves to astonish and then never say.

  211. Hello Max, the beta version for Mi5 was only testing for a few users who had registered at the official release forum forum.

  212. Hi Moreno, you can either answer the smartwatch directly if you use a SIM in conjunction with it, or always answer through the smartwatch via bluetooth to the incoming calls on the smartphone.

  213. No GAPPS is needed.

  214. Hi Nexus5Owner In fact the IMX362 sensor is very readable as it is usually mounted on cameras from 12 MP as well as for the XPlay 6 live. Well the official details we hope to find out soon. Continue to follow us.

  215. Hi draconian, in fact trying to translate the post's character characters to Weibo, after the note notes there seems to be just Pro, but all the headlines speak only of Mi Note and not Pro. It is true that as mentioned in the " the processors that will receive the update are the Snapdragon 820,808,652 and 810 exactly the ones mounted on the Mi Note Pro, unlike Mi Note that mounts the 801. Anyway, I'll do some research, and if your report turns out to be correct, I will make the appropriate changes. Meanwhile, I thank you and keep on following us.

  216. Hi RobyMax1 definitely the Xiaomi company will pull out an ace from their sleeve. Xiaomi has always proven to be able to do and do well. Lately, they have fought all the competition with the Mi MIx from which the biggest competitors will copy design, see rumors on iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.
    I look forward to winning the hit.

  217. Hi Ripelag, unfortunately you have to be patient because in these days I can not really put my hands on devices with MIUI on board. But to carry on, I invite you to give me the link where you downloaded the SUPERELLIPSE theme so that as soon as I try to find a solution to your problem. So stay connected.

  218. Hi Fedele, considering a recording at 1080p 30fps you can make about 8 hours of recording. An Emanuele greeting

  219. Hi Gerardo, PowerBank power supply with up to 12 continuous hours is intended as ignition. In terms of usefulness, please note that the Xiaomi MiSquare was born as a video surveillance camera with a fixed location. The power bank connection can be useful in case of blackout or carry with the smart camera. A Greeting to Emanuele

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