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Since becoming "famous", Xiaomi has somewhat neglected the software support of its devices. Blame? Surely the large number of devices ...


The presentation of the Xiaomi smartphones with Android One on board has been quite successful. The speech changes when we talk about the Chinese series Xiaomi ...


The growth of Xiaomi is now under everyone's eyes. If before it was considered a niche brand for telephony, now the Chinese company can boast ...


Anyone who has experienced an Xiaomi smartphone will remember with some enthusiasm the fluidity and immediacy of the Chinese company's operating system. The ...


Summer is coming, albeit very slowly, and we're all getting ready for the first trips out of town, to the first picnics, to the mornings by the sea ...


Although these early days of May are so cold to remember the Christmas holidays, summer is almost upon us and Xiaomi reminds us of this by presenting a ...


After meeting Xiaomi at home, the time has come to inaugurate Redmi's domestic world. The Chinese company, separated from the ...


14 March should have opened sales in China of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and the Explorer version. But something happened that we could never have ...


18 March. 18 March. 18 March. ... ok maybe I exaggerated ... but this date is to be marked in red on the calendar because it is finally time for ...


Xiaomi has always been committed to developing products that can complete its domestic ecosystem. Among these are definitely the routers that ...


It had already been presented in China without any specification on the presence of the 20 Band (since they do not use it in China) and today, in Milan, the first ...


OK. The title is perhaps exaggerated. Smartphone and gaming are two words that in the same sentence clash a little, but the first Black Shark has been presented as the ...


The certification channels have always been a source of rumors. Also this time do not contradict themselves and both in Thailand and in Indonesia appear for the ...


Raise your hand if you did not see your nose when you saw the Xiaomi Mi A1 at the top of the smartphone rankings for SAR values! How many of you have thought of ...


The Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona is enriched with surprises. And even if we're not talking about smartphones, the news we'll talk about soon ...


It has been less than a week since the "double" presentation of Xiaomi Mi 9. While in Europe we compare the battery of the new device and its ...


When Xiaomi started to make its way into the electronics world, its competitive advantage was definitely the price. Now that Xiaomi has ventured ...


Most Xiaomi fans criticized the company's choice to insert a 3300 mAh battery on the three Mi 9 models. Immediately the choice to reduce ...

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  1. advice: keep the global stable for now. The global beta you see is currently being tested and can be installable only by unlocking the bootloader before it is a test ROM. You do not know when the global beta will be released for everyone, so keep it stable.

    At most, if you have 8.2.1, I can advise you to unlock the bootloader and switch to xiaomi.eu which, even if it does not have the OTA, is the best at the time for mi5s

  2. just updated article

  3. the root does not need to install the weekly .. the phone comes with Global Stable and to put Global Weekly just use the automatic tool: https://www.xiaomitoday.it/guida-tool-automatico-cambiare-rom-senza-sbloccare-bootloader-senza-dfc.html

  4. A should indicate a cheaper series of the Redmi Note series, opened by Redmi 4A and of which Redmi Note 5A is the largest display version.

    Obviously Redmi Notes 4 is definitely better than Redmi Note 5A

  5. Hi, but firmware updates are usually in Chinese. So if you update the firmware you lose the Italian. In that case you will have to wait for the new translation from the developers

  6. Hi, it was a mere indiscretion. It can be true as a simple idea. Unfortunately, the sources are limited.

    I would not be so sure I was in you

  7. Obviously the 6 / 128 global version with 20 band

  8. At 99% will be one between Mi6 and Mi 5X which will be marketed in India

  9. You should manually update it by downloading the ROM from the official site

  10. Currently, only residents in China can buy them. As soon as we have news on the availability of some retailers we will let you know

  11. With Amazfit Bip you can not respond to notifications but only view it. A bit like me band. With peace, however, they are implementing a sort of response with predefined messages and ... maybe the answer with voice mail directly from the smartwatch

  12. Ahahah is right but after receiving the guide, we try it and then we share it. As you know we do not like providing guides that do not work

  13. no no

    Ps. the authorization is only revoked after a long time unless you are active on the en.miui forum

  14. No, unfortunately you can not .. You need to unlock ik bootloader to put the Global 8.2.1 because this ROM has been removed by developers

  15. did you check that it does not slip? are you referring to Mi 5S? cmq you can follow the same guide for unlock

  16. re-check the drivers and how to connect the phone

  17. I did not have to try the Mi4C but consider that Mi5 was the first to receive it, so it should serve as a reference. Then I do not know - and I have no way of knowing - if Mi4C is expected to release the True Nougat because it is not a top of the range

  18. In fact with Mi5s they have set up software side and photographic level is a great phone. If you talk about Mi6, I guess you'll have to wait for a live test to judge

  19. Mi 6 will be marketed by April 28. Until there is enough availability, it will be difficult to make interesting offers. Follow us and we'll let you know

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