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The Avaka BZ20 PLUS Electric Bicycle: An exceptional riding experience

In the era of sustainable mobility, the Avaka BZ20 PLUS is your ideal companion to discover the world with style and versatility. This revolutionary electric bicycle is equipped with a 500W brushless motor, a removable 48V 15Ah battery and a host of exceptional features that will transform your riding experience. With a foldable design that offers you convenience and an aluminum alloy frame that ensures comfort and efficiency, the Avaka BZ20 PLUS is the perfect choice for those who want eco-friendly mobility without compromises. Learn more about this incredible e-bike and get ready for endless adventures on the road.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS electric bicycle
Including fast shipping from the warehouse in Europe
€854,99 €899,99
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The Powerful Heart of the 500W Brushless Motor

Discover the thrill of high-speed driving with the 500W brushless motor. Featuring a star gear design, this motor amplifies torque and converts energy with extraordinary efficiency, ensuring unmatched performance.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS

Explore New Horizons with the 48V 15Ah Removable Battery

Take your two-wheel adventure to new levels thanks to the 18650V 48Ah 15 lithium battery, completely hidden in the frame and waterproof. This battery offers a fully electric mode with a range of up to 70 km and an assistance mode that will accompany you up to 100 km, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS

Foldable Design for Maximum Convenience

Enjoy the last word in convenience with the foldable design, allowing you to easily store and transport your bike in the trunk of your car or in the lift, without taking up valuable space at home. Experience the joy of travel with this versatile and portable electric bike.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS

203.0 inch tires

Experience a smooth and stable ride on any terrain thanks to the wide tires. With anti-slip and anti-vibration properties, these tires offer greater durability, greater speed and an effortless driving experience, making them the perfect companion for any adventure.

Suspension fork

Enhance your driving experience with the spring-loaded front suspension, which offers excellent shock resistance and a soft ride. Regardless of the terrain, you can always count on this e-bike for exceptional performance.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS

Mechanical Disc Brake

With a dual system of front and rear disc brakes, you can ride with confidence knowing you have the best braking system available. The S disc brake allows for rapid heat dissipation and automatic power shutdown, ensuring safe and efficient riding.

Avaka BZ20 PLUS

Avaka BZ20 PLUS on Offer

The electric bicycle is on offer on GogoBest at €854,99 instead of €899,99 using the discount code F7WQ68 on product page HERE. The price includes fast and customs-free shipping from the warehouse in Europe.

Also visit the Halloween promotion page where you will also find other models, all in offering.

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