Review Bakeey M6, the smartwatch with holographic display

Parallel to the world of smartphones is that linked to smartwatch, populated by devices similar enough to each other in design and features offered. For this reason the choice in the purchase becomes difficult by looking for a model that brings some innovation to its continuation as it could be Bakeey M-WATCH M6 which is characterized by the mass for his holographic display and of which we offer our full review made possible by sending the sample from the store Banggood.com that I thank personally.

Bakeey M-WATCH M6 - Sleep Assistant - Cardiac Monitor - Waterproof
Priority line 6 shipping €
66€ 75€
Review Bakeey M6, the smartwatch with holographic display

Starting from the usual unboxing the packaging of the M6 Bakeey It is well taken care of with the product image on the front and the explanation of the functions on the back. Inside our rooms we find our smartwatch, the instruction manual in English, cable with micro USB connection and charging dock with two small pins that will allow theelectric induction for charging simply by placing our watch on it. It is preferable to use a charger with 5V / 1A output to get full energy in about 1 now and it is advisable to charge the Bakeey M6 when we go below the threshold of 25% of remaining charge.

At first glance, our Bakeey M6 It looks like a common watch thanks to physical hands that exploit the traditional mechanism wrist gadgets, and is proposed with a leather strap that even if it is not of the highest quality it seems resistant to twisting and to effects deriving from perspiration. Metal buckle and double loop guarantee one tight closing suitable for all wrist sizes thanks to 11 adjustment holes but above all the presence of the mechanism of quick release we guarantee the replacement of the same with other straps (20 mm) easily available on the market allowing a customization of our smartwatch. On the site Banggood.com however, we have the possibility of choosing three different strap solutions, that is rubber, leather and metal with a Milanese knit.

The chest of the Bakeey M6 is made of brushed stainless steel 316L with an electro-plating blue that surrounds the dial of the watch covered by a tempered glass. A 42 mm case for a thickness of 12,5 mm that houses a 33 mm dial that in the lower part hides a sensor for detecting the heartbeat while on the sides are placed 3 buttons on the right and 1 button on the left.

Even if the weight is alone 66 grams in the day-to-day wearability the Bakeey M6 makes itself felt while as positive we find the fact that the size and the circular shape of the smart watch do not create problems during everyday operations.


But let's get to the beating heart of our Bakeey M6 which looks like a traditional watch with lancet mechanism (absent that of the seconds) that results precise and not at all noisy. But tradition is accompanied by technological innovation as our Bakeey M6 in all respects is a smartwatch with possibility of notification for calls, SMS and applications, a pedometer, a stopwatch, sleep monitoring and heart rate detection. All this is made possible by a NRF51822 processor e 256 Kb of flash memory and 16 Kb of RAM memory, numbers that make you smile but that allow you to perform the operations listed head-on. We also find a form Bluetooth 4.0 to pair the M6 Bakeey to our smartphone, a G-sensor 3D accelerometer, a vibrating motor for notifications as there is no sound whatsoever, and indeed the heart rate sensor with dual function, static and dynamic. Specifically, the static mode allows us to detect the heart rate manually while the dynamic mode should monitor the heart rate throughout the day.

Unfortunately in both cases the sensor has never worked, or rather in dynamic mode the display remains fixed on the measurement display without returning results while in static mode I managed to get only the requested data 3 times. I tried to restart and reset the smartwatch (so much so that I lost the other recorded data several times) but without success. I do not know if my unit is faulty but it is right that you report my negative experience in this area.

Bakeey M-WATCH M6 - Sleep Assistant - Cardiac Monitor - Waterproof
Priority line 6 shipping €
66€ 75€
Review Bakeey M6, the smartwatch with holographic display

Returning to the display, which should be the innovation that brings with it this Bakeey M6, the same is of the LCD type with 128 DPI resolution covering once the 78,6% of the area offered by the dial has been activated. A display that shows information via holographic technology that if in some respects it could be a genius for many others it is not. Indeed we are forced to always keep the display frontally to read the information clearly because at certain inclinations, readability is almost zero. The information is not limited to the date and time but also extends to other functions accessible via the buttons on the right hand side profile. Each of the keys is assigned a function if we make a long press: to the upper button is associated the function of reading the notifications, to the central one the remote photo shoot and to the lower key the function of measuring the heartbeat.

Bakeey M6

In normal mode instead the upper and lower key allow to move within the clock menus, menus accessible via the central button. But as we said at the beginning the physical buttons are 4, and the fourth is in the left profile and has the dual function of switching on / off (long press) of the Bakeey M6 or activate the backlighting of the dial made possible by the small blue LED which is under the 6 hour mark. And here we have another negative note because the LED turns out ineffective at night, because although it allows the visibility of the time provided by the hands the oleographic display is not sufficiently illuminated and with difficulty we can read information regarding, for example, a notification.

Bakeey M6

And on the notifications we find another negative aspect, not so much concerning the content that is shown to us, which is limited to first 85 characters of the notification content in addition to show us the sender to which we can not respond in any way, but although the application allows you to choose the apps from which to notify in the list available for example, Gmail or the simple Email manager remain outside integrated into the smartphone. Calls and their caller ID will also be notified via a vibration but it will not be possible in any way to interact with it. However, notifications are delivered in real time, without delay.


Two points in favor we find them inautonomy that comes safely to 8 days considering about 60 notifications a day, about 3 heart rate measurement tests and always active smartphone connection. A lithium polymer battery from 55 mAh which also feeds the mechanism of the analogical movement that theoretically goes up to 150 days of autonomy if we use only this last function. In any case, the charging takes place without the connection of any electrode, but just place the Bakeey M6 on the charging base for about 1 now and get full energy. Another point in favor is the presence of the IP68 certification which proofs our Bakeey M6 up to 5 ATM (theoretically 50 meters depth for 10 minutes 22810 ISO values) thus allowing use even in the shower, although the leather strap combined with this feature is not very apt.

Bakeey M6

That said let's briefly analyze the menus proposed by our Bakeey M6 as a first screen it offers us time and date and summary indications on steps, calories burned and remaining battery power and bluetooth connectivity status. From the settings you can choose between three different watchfaces more or less similar to each other. The first menu that is shown to us is that related to pedometer with relative percentage of completion of the objective. The second menu is dedicated to heart rate with the negativity of which I have already spoken, while the third menu shows us the total hours sleep in the night passed. Continuing we have the function stopwatch that will allow us to write down to 8 step. The fifth menu is related to settings of the M6 Bakeey through which you can turn on / off the Bluetooth, choose the watchfaces, set the time of the analogue mechanism, restart or reset the smartwatch and choose the type of behavior of the backlight (on or off) based on the reception of notifications. Finally to complete the menus we find the one related to the phone search that will ring our smartphone if it is in the Bluetooth range, the menu to control it remote shooting of the smartphone camera (only through APP) and that related to notifications that can reach up to 12.

Given that the languages ​​provided by the system are Chinese and English, I could have problems in the case of pairing with my Redmi 3S with Android system Oreo through ROM Pixel Experience because the contents were shown to me only in Chinese language while no problem with the coupling with Xiaomi Mi Max 2. In fact in the list of compatibility there is no device with Oreo system but at most with Android 7.1.1 while the compatibility with iOS devices is guaranteed up to 11.0.3 version (minimum Android Kitkat 4.4 / iOS 8.1).


The last aspect that makes the Bakeey M6 smart is the application that lets the wearable gadget converse with our smartphone and bears the name of Fundo Bracelet available in the Play Store or through the QR Code in the instruction manual. Very minimal interface and basic functions divided into three windows. The first is related to ours account that will allow us to store information on the server, but we can also access via guest mode but in this case the measurements collected in case of change of phone will be lost. However, from this screen we can define our goal of daily steps, connect with the smartwatch, check for the presence of firmware updates (I received one in the 7 days of use) and set the general info about sex, height, weight and date of birth with relative index in real time about the physical form.

The second window returns the collected values about the steps taken and percentage of completion based on the goal set, calories burned, distance traveled and duration in minutes of the activity. They are also provided weather indications found according to our GPS position. Scrolling to the right we find the statistics collected about sleep with the initial and final time, total duration and time divided into deep and superficial sleep. Scrolling further to the right we find the hypothetical data collected by the heart rate sensor. By clicking on each of the three sections, we access the complete report of the data divided by month.

The third window refers to the settings through which we can make our Bakeey M6 vibrate, make remote shooting, set up applications to receive notification from, choose whether to receive notification about calls (including caller ID) or SMS, enable mode do not disturb based on a specific time band, enable the reminder for physical inactivity, set an alarm and decide the type of notification notification by selecting between vibration, screen on or the combination of the two options.

Bakeey M-WATCH M6 - Sleep Assistant - Cardiac Monitor - Waterproof
Priority line 6 shipping €
66€ 75€
Review Bakeey M6, the smartwatch with holographic display

Drawing conclusions for the Bakeey M6 smartwatch is quite easy because although it is proposed at a price lower than the 70 euro, partly justified by the materials and features offered (assuming that these all work as in the case of the heart rate sensor), some little details such as an LED for insufficient backlighting they are not so enthusiastic as to recommend the purchase of this smartwatch. In a sense the innovative feature of the holographic display that was to positively distinguish the Bakeey M6 proved to be the one that put it in a bad light compared to a really crowded market where with several tens of euro less we find more viable alternatives but with less materials fine. However, it could be interesting as a gift to be given to a user who is no longer young, who in his small way needs small smart functions without the invasion of ultra-colorful displays and incomprehensible features. However the Bakeey M6 remains in effect a watch which offers small smart features and if we think about the fact that in jewelry we can find expensive alternatives like those offered by Fossil, then in a certain sense e for that slice of users the purchase of the Bakeey M6 is a good choice that you can finalize at the store Banggood.com that will send the product free to your home.

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7.5 Total score

The Bakeey M6 smartwatch seeks to innovate the sector by presenting itself as a device that combines tradition with innovation, thanks to the holographic display. Interesting idea but little developed by the manufacturer. Difficult to find a user to recommend this product if not to lovers of fashion with a pinch of technology.

  • HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY (more than anything else the idea)
  • PRICE (if related to similar products in the jewelery sector)
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Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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Michal (Me-How)
Michal (Me-How)
2 years ago

I bought the same product but under the different name “Lemfo M6 Sport”. I didn't know anything about this watch, except seeing photos and its description. If I had read this review before, I certainly would not buy this smartwatch. A person having vision problems may have trouble reading the information on the watch face. Besides, the dial is embedded too deep and it's hard to read the clock time from it in shady spots.

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