Mi Band 5, is it you in these very first photo leaks?

One of the flagship products of Xiaomi and the We Band: produced by Huami on behalf of Lei Jun's company, the queen of smartbands has become such thanks to her value for money, its ease of use but above all the guaranteed quality of Huami. In fact, perhaps this is the only one of the made for Xiaomi products that does not count particular bugs and problems. The aficionados look forward to the Mi Band 5 which according to Huami's CEO will arrive later this year; today, however, we see the first images of this new smartband. But it will really be her the one pictured? Let's find out together.

Mi Band 5 shows itself in the first leak photos: the promise of a full display is kept ... but will it really be so?

Based on the information we have, the Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2 ″ display well beyond that of its predecessor. In addition to this aesthetic feature (but not only) we have the certainty that the chip NFC will be usable anywhere in the world. So the problem of the Chinese product imported into Europe should no longer exist. Regardless of this we see the first photos that immortalize the alleged new queen of smartbands.

As said in the title, the promise of a larger display has been kept. If this was really the wearable that we are waiting for, Xiaomi (or rather Huami for Xiaomi) would have been able to implement a display that takes the whole egg

. This also means that the design remained unchanged than before. As you can clearly see the shape is identical to that of the Mi Band 4. In short, i changes according to these "real" photographs they are minimal and yes would be limited to the display only.

But why do we use quotation marks when we say "real"? For three reasons.

  • the design appears too much the same as that of the Mi Band 4 and moreover the image quality is a little bit too "plastic" to look real;
  • secondly the source: we have long been aware that Slashleaks it is not a platform devoted to real news. In fact, most of the time the leaks that come out of it are not the best for reliability;
  • finally the primary source: the name which we see in Chinese at the base of the photographs è non-existent on Weibo (the logo suggests that that is the origin) and according to our data it is the same that other times has disclosed false photographs.

So let's take this news with due caution. In any case, you would like this design for the new one Mi Band 5?


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Source | Slashleaks

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5 months ago

on dirait une montre factice, bizarrement c 'est toujours la meme heure

5 months ago

But in reality I expected different ... xo the source is not credible ...

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