Banggood Black Friday gives us an UNMISSABLE event

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Some of you still don't know the Chinese online sales giant GOOD BANG? Well, in this case we will update you ... Banggood is one of the major e-commerce sites in the East, with thousands of daily sales and a growing turnover from year to year. Our partner for a long time, last July we were invited to visit their offices and factories, an experience that Cristiano and Simone of our editorial team could live, which was certainly fantastic for the hospitality and innovation they were able to experience first-hand. .

But let's get to what will surely interest you most, the usual questions that are asked before buying from China: is it a reliable site? will there be customs duties to pay? how does the guarantee of the purchased product work? I will answer you in order:

  • The site is very reliable, with tracked shipments from China and from various European warehouses and payments via PAYPAL
  • No, customs taxes are paid on departure as long as you select the correct shipment (which we always point out) or the one with any “priority” wording. If the warehouse is a European one (CZ, ES, etc.) you can obviously select any type of shipment.
  • The guarantee of many products is even validated in Italy, see OnePlus on 100% of products and Xiaomi on 90% of smartphones. If, on the other hand, you have to contact Banggood, the warranty is valid for one year and the product will be returned to them after opening a ticket (we remind you that for the first 6 months of purchase, the shipping costs will be paid by PAYPAL)

Having said all that, we come to the subject dell'articolo..questo infamous event UNMISSABLE part of the Black Friday of BG: the "GET BOTTOM PRICE". But how does it work?

From 16 to 26 November there will be a series of very interesting products on offer with particularly advantageous prices, usually the lowest ever seen online, which can be booked with the depisto of very few euros (a maximum of €2.85) is redeemed from 26 to 29 November paying the balance. The list of devices is quite complete, let's go from the smartphones of the moment (Poco X3, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro, etc.) a Xiaomi Smart TV, headsets, drones and many other electronics products. Here are some examples:

Xiaomi Fimi A3 drone

Xiaomi 90FUN self-heating jacket

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 4s 43 ″

Redmi Note 9S 6 / 128Gb

OnePlus 8T 8 / 128Gb

Poco X3 NFC

Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 treadmill

As you may have noticed, the prices of this particular promotion are really attractive and certainly the lowest you will have seen in the various sites you usually visit. You will also have seen that it has been active since 16 November and this leads us to advise you to proceed immediately to the deposit of these few euros, obviously if interested in the product, so as to guarantee you the possibility to redeem them by paying the balance in the 3 key days Black Friday. We tell you this because often on these occasions the pieces available run out with the risk of running out of steam and missing out on a great opportunity!

Cristiano Cento

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