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Banggood Hobby Day, the big festival has begun!

After talking about the WarmUP and its events, today I want to talk to you about the real beginning of the most important festival of this early summer, theHobby Day di Banggood“. For those who missed the previous article, we are talking about a big online sale on our partner site GOOD BANG which like every summer offers us an infinite series of incredible discounts to purchase products of all kinds: from consumer electronics to games, from outdoor sports products to DIY ones.

Hobby Day

Today, June 11th, comes alive so don't miss all the events that will allow you to save a lot of money on the purchase of your favorite products. Here I list them all so you can take a look and understand if there is any product that interests you.

Electronics and Appliance Sale

Are you a lover of every "electronic" device? Well, then this section is yours! Smartwatches, headphones, smart sockets, chargers, tablets, laptops and so on and so forth. Naturally all this with crazy discounts.

Hobby Day

RC Toys Sale

Once upon a time it was thought that toys were only for children, but seeing those produced in recent years I have to say that they are great for all ages! Here you can find drones, radio-controlled planes and boats, radio-controlled cars (the dream toy for people like me of the older generation) and all the accessories inherent to these products. If you want to give yourself a gift or give it to your child, here you will have a very wide choice

Hobby Day

Tools & Parts Sale

This is the section from which the festival takes its inspiration, where you will find many DIY products such as. Very broad DIY and also focused on electronics products. Are you an electrician? Do you like to fix every little problem at home? Well, then you shouldn't miss this section!

Hobby Day

outdoor sports

Is the outdoors your passion? Great, mine too! Here you will find a wide selection of electric scooters, electric bikes and all the best accessories for them. The beautiful season has now arrived and the convenience of using a low consumption GREEN product is priceless! If you haven't taken this step yet, think about it, especially during sales like these.

Get a Rock-Bottom Price

Have you ever seen 80% discounts? Well, here you can do it! Click on the button to be notified at the exact moment of the start of the sale of your favorite device and the first 50 will be able to enjoy a crazy discount, up to 80%!

I remind you that, to protect your purchases, on GOOD BANG you can pay with PayPal and shipments will take place from China or from warehouses located in Europe completely FREE. In both cases you will not risk running into annoying customs duties as VAT is included in the purchase invoice.

Regarding payment via PayPal I remind you that for the entire period of the festival Hobby Day, until June 18th, you can get an additional discount based on the price of your purchase. Here is a small summary table:

$6 off when you spend $120
$10 off when you spend $250
Discount of
 $20 for a $600 spend

At this point all I can do is wish you "happy shopping"

Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

Computer Consultant, DJ, Blogger. Passionate about Music (of course), movies, TV series, sports and lover of all that is technological. [email protected]


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