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Baseus 60W Car Charger with integrated cable is the perfect charger!

How many times have we had to recharge our smartphone during a long car journey? and how often did we get messed up with the cables getting tangled up on the gear lever? and how many other times was charging so slow that it didn't even recharge while using the navigator? Well, today you can say goodbye to all this thanks to Baseus 60W Car Charger with integrated cable. We remind you that Baseus is a brand that is part of the ecosystem Xiaomi, therefore quality guarantee!

Baseus 60W Car Charger

PACKAGE Baseus 60W Car Charger

We don't find much in the package, after all we are talking about a car charger, we couldn't expect any big surprises:

  • Baseus charger
  • User manual (including Italian language)
  • Guarantee card
  • Baseus stickers


The technical characteristics of the product are summarized in this table:

Product nameUSB car charger with 60W port
ModelEnjoyment Pro
Weight :81g
EntranceDC12-24V 7.0A Max.
OutputsType-C port output: 5V=3A; 9V=3A; 10V=2,25A; 12V=2,5A; 15V=2A; 20V=1,5A 30W
Type-C cable Output: 5V=3A; 9V=3A; 10V=2,25A; 12V=2,5A; 15V=2A; 20V=1,5A 30W
Total output: 30W+30W=60W Max.
Cable length70cm Max.
Size49 * 46 * 84mm
ProtocolsQC3.0, 2.0, PD3.0, 2.0, SCP, FCP, PPS


Our charger has 2 outputs, so we can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The maximum output is 60w, but cannot be delivered from a single outlet. In fact the maximum power of each output is 30w, so you will not be able to go further in charging the single device. The outputs are the Type C one of the 70cm retractable cable, the true convenience of this product, and a Type C present directly on the charger. The latter will naturally be used with a charging cable Type C - Type C.

The various output powers are those that I have indicated in the summary table, the same goes for the charging protocols. So to get the most out of your charger you will need to check that your phone/tablet supports one of these fast charging protocols. If not, don't worry, charging will still work but naturally not at maximum power.


Tested with several smartphones, our Baseus Car Charger performed very well. The convenience of the integrated cable is truly unique, you won't have to worry about carrying the charging cable in the car, something we often forget about. However, a small negative note must be made, in fact I find it a shame that with a single output the maximum power is halved to 30W. I would have found it more logical to be able to recharge at maximum power, therefore 60W, if used on a single device.

But now we come to the cost, which is essential to understand if it makes sense to buy it. The list price is around €35 ​​but thanks to our partner site GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) and with our discount code you can take it home with an excellent discount, priority shipping included. At this price it truly becomes an unmissable opportunity if you are looking for an excellent car charger to accompany you on your travels. I remind you that, to protect your purchases, you can pay via PayPal and the shipment will be delivered in approximately 15 days without annoying customs duties.

Baseus Enjoyment Pro 60W Car Charger with integrated cable

19€ 35€
Priority shipping included (No Customs)
9 Total score

The most comfortable I've ever tried

  • Xiaomi Ecosystem
  • TOP materials
  • Retractable cable
  • Dual Type C output
  • Total power 60W
  • Multiple fast charging protocols supported
  • Maximum power per output 30W
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