Cheap electric bicycles, here are the two best sellers

With the rising costs of fuel and gas, those who have to make small and medium trips are looking around. An alternative means is what it takes and the bicycles electrical or fetus biking they are the best solution at the moment. Today we are going to see two that are at a very, very interesting price: The Bezior X500 and Bezior M1. The latter was also reviewed by our Simone a few days ago and passed with flying colors. But having said that, let's go and see them features key of each.

Here are the best cheap electric bikes and cheap fat bikes to buy. We tell you everything in detail in the article

Between the two electric bicycles, the Bezior X500 it is equipped with a 48V 12.4 Ah high capacity battery. The tyres by 26 " offer maximum traction and effortless driving on difficult terrain such as sand and snow. The mechanical disc brake, on the other hand, ensures safe and not excessively abrupt braking, so much so that it creeps up. The 500W brushless motor is capable of providing high movement power up to a maximum speed of 35 km/h. This power also translates into the ability to "climb" on a road with a 35 ° gradient. The sturdy aluminum structure also allows the electric bicycle to support up to 200 kg of weight. The display by 5 " allows you to keep under control the main data such as speed, gradient, battery and travel time.

bezior x500 electric bicycles

The second of the electric bicycles is the Bezior M1. There electric bicycle Bezior M1 It is made of resistant aluminum alloy but does not support excessive weight: 120 Kg in comparison to the 200 of the X500. However, it mounts larger tires than the previous model: we find 27.5 ″ tires slightly tessellated than together with the front shock absorbers guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride on rough roads. The smart side of the bike features a mini on-board computer with LCD display which provides all general and route data (distance, time, etc.). This is IP54 certified, so it can withstand dust and water. Some other technical data: The Bezior M1 is powered by a engine from 250W and 48V 12.5Ah battery that allows you to reach the speed of 25km/h as required by law. The maximum slope for which it has been designed is 35 °, beyond which the motor switches off completely.

The two electric bikes are available at a super price in the links below:

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🛒️ Electric bike Bezior M1
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