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Event - Black Friday from Gearbest

Are you ready for Black Friday? Gearbest yes! and has in fact prepared many promos for the occasion. Read on to find out the best way to save! The main event discounts will start on 28 November and will continue until Saturday 30, but from personal experience the advice is to NOT wait for 29 Friday because many products could be sold out before! Gearbest this time has chosen to dedicate the promo days to certain product categories, starting from fashion up to smartphones. Below is the timeline! The main page dedicated to the event is already available at THIS ADDRESS and will allow you to discover further discounts designed specifically for each category, as well as tantalizing "global" coupons that can be used on all products available on the portal. Drop by, because some promotions are already active!

🔥 Warm-up: November 20 - November 28
💥 Main event: November 28 - November 30

1️⃣ Main page
🤑Sign In to Win Coupons ($ 8 OFF OVER $ 80 etc.). Connect every day from November 20th to get personal coupons up to € 11 only by "daily login"

black friday GB1
2️⃣Black Friday Offers of Xiaomi
Here you will find all the best offers for the products of our beloved brand! So right away in your favorites! 😀

xiaomi offers
3️⃣ They come in 1-5 days
Has your smartphone abandoned you and you are in a hurry to receive your product? this link is the one for you! In fact, we will find many products being shipped from Gearbest's European warehouses, arriving in a maximum of 5 days! Here, at 10.00 every day you can also find sensational offers with discounts up to 50%! But be very quick, because these offers will literally be burned in seconds. The advice is always the same, keep the product in the cart (with login made) and at the stroke of 10.00 proceed with the purchase and immediately pay. That said, good luck!

4️⃣List of Electronics to Buy
All the best electronics on the site with coupons up to 50% every day at 10.00electronic to buy

5️⃣ Smartest Home
I have to tell you that this promotional page is my favorite! Here you will find many products to make yours a real "smart home"! Lots of products for home cleaning, surveillance, lighting, personal care and much more! In addition, every day at 09.00 there will be 2 products with coupons to save 50%!

smart home

6️⃣Geeks Paradise
This is the event dedicated to lovers of 3D printers and electric scooters! Great promos already online!

7️⃣ Flash Deals Only 48 Hours (Recommended by Experts)
If you have many doubts about the best products to choose, this is the page for you! Great offers recommended by the best bloggers in the industry! From today you will find interesting proposals, but from 09.00 of 28 Novembre to 09.00 of 30 there will be the maximum of choice at the lowest price ever!
⏱09: 00 November 28 - 09:00 November 30

8️⃣ Keywords
Every day, after logging in to the site, you can enter keywords in the "search box" of Gearbest and at that point you will have the opportunity to open a "treasure box"! Inside there may be points to get your reward coupons first, or real prizes! Here we leave you our dedicated Keywords:

1. xiaomitoday
2. xiaomiaddicted
3. xiaomilovers

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