Black Shark announces JoyUI 12.5 Global: models and release dates

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Black Shark has its own Android skin even if built on the basis of the MIUI. The foundations are those of Xiaomi's Android customization, but everything has been adapted to gaming phones to make it slim, fluid but with an attractive design. Just as the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Global, here is also that the JoyUI 12.5 is coming to the same Global smartphones. The announcement is today: let's go and see all the compatible brand smartphones and when they receive the update to JoyUI 12.5.

Black Shark follows Xiaomi and releases the JoyUI 12.5: it is clearly the copy of MIUI 12.5 Enhanced but for gaming phones

On social networks, today, Black Shark announced JoyUI 12.5, or the new enhanced version of MIUI 12.5. It is a skin adjusted and adapted for smartphones that have to "run". Although the company has announced the JoyUI 12.5, there is no evidence on the news. However, we can assume that all novelties of JoyUI 12.5 will be the same as we have seen on MIUI 12.5. We will go to see them in poco. Before that, you need to see i models

compatible with the JoyUI 12.5 of Black Shark ei periods di release.

black shark and joyui 12.5 global: official list of compatible models and release dates
  • Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro: the roll-out will be gradual and will take time before it reaches all devices but everything must take place by 15 September 2021
  • Black Shark 2 and 2 Pro: the roll-out is scheduled for December 2021
  • for other models, specifically the 4 and 4 Pro, nothing has been announced yet but it is expected that they too will receive the JoyUI 12.5 within this year

What are the news of JoyUI 12.5, based on MIUI 12.5 Enhanced?

Among the novelties of the new version of the Android skin, we find the Liquid Storage, or an increase in the efficiency of disk defragmentation which will inevitably lead to a longer duration of the device over time.

A second novelty is Atomic Memory. This feature focuses on memory management, making RAM usage more efficient. Splitting the application memory and closing unimportant tasks will ensure faster speed and better handling in general.

Last but not the least feature is Smart balance, that is a mechanism that will make it possible to optimize consumption. This in particular is an aspect that is dear to many users, perhaps forced to buy a smartphone with more battery to get to the end of the day.

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20 October 2021 9: 50
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