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How to Fix Outlook Email Blocking from Gmail

Microsoft is tackling a significant problem regarding the delivery of emails from Outlook to Gmail, with numerous messages incorrectly labeled as spam. This issue, resulting from a low reputation of specific Outlook domains, has raised concerns for users who rely on these services for daily communications. There is a patch temporary however: here's how to solve it.

Identifying and Fixing Email Blocking from Outlook to Gmail

Microsoft admitted to a significant snag: Messages sent from specific Outlook domains to Gmail users were blocked or labeled as spam. This situation has caused concern among users who rely on Outlook for their communication needs.

Microsoft's diagnosis highlights a Gmail warning that classifies incoming emails as probably suspicious” attributing the cause to a “very low reputation of the sending domain“. It is clear that i Google's anti-spam protocols they interpreted some activities of these domains as potentially harmful, thus activating smart filters more strict to protect users from possible threats such as phishing and malware.

The precise nature of these activities was not detailed by Microsoft, but Google's adoption of more stringent anti-spam policies offers some "justification." These policies require that senders of mass emails comply with high standards in terms of authentication and spam management to avoid blocking their messages.

How to fix

In this scenario, Microsoft suggests a practical solution to blocking emails from Outlook to Gmail: using an Outlook alias. Creating an Outlook alias proves to be effective strategy temporary to bypass Gmail reputation filters. An alias works like an additional email address linked to the same inbox, allowing users to maintain the same credentials. By using the standard Outlook domain ( for the new alias, users can potentially bypass anti-spam filters, making it easier to deliver their messages.

To implement this solution, you need to log in to your Microsoft account, navigate to your account settings and select “Add an alias” to create a new email address. After configuring the new name, users can choose to send emails via this new address.

It is worth mentioning that Gemini has arrived on Gmail and you can already try it.

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