Installing the MIUI Global International ROM in branded Xiaomi (Vodafone, WindTre, Tim) is easy, without waiting and without unlocking

Even if now we are concerned only with debranding the xiaomi, but in ancient times the "new Xiaomi" had to replace the Chinese ROM with our own one from MIUI Italy and it was as essential as it was easy: there was no block, no waiting, no need to change recovery. With the advent of international marketing, the situation was then reversed thanks to the official Global ROMs, beautiful and ready but a little more complicated to replace.

In more recent times the Xiaomi have also begun to be distributed by telephone operators (Vodafone, WindTre, Tim) with competitive prices and installments but who, as usual, made use of the right to use dedicated versions of the software called "branded". In the case of Xiaomi the only ones differences detected are some small bugs but above all delays of up to two months in updates.

Fortunately the good Francesco Tescari continued the development of his XiaoMiTools for changing the ROM that at the time of writing, through this guide, allows us to debrand the Xiaomi in half an hour, without waiting for the canonical seven days to unlock the bootloader, by installing the International Global ROM.

The ROM exchange operation is not without risk, we do not assume any responsibility in case of problems or damage. All data will be erased, so make a backup.

Requirements for debranding a xiaomi

  • Read ALL the guide thoroughly before starting
  • Enable USB Debug: Click 10 times quickly on “MIUI version” in the device info page. Then go in Additional Settings -> Developer Options, Enable USB Debugging.
  • Download and install the tool on your PC: https://www.xiaomitool.com/V2/latest
  • Original or good quality connection cable
  • Phone charged at least 70%
  • Read ALL the guide again before starting 😆

Time Required: 30 minutes.

  1. XiaomiTool V2 installation

    Install the previously downloaded package following the instructions on the screen.XiaomiTool V2 installation

  2. Start the application and accept the disclaimer.

    Then the necessary drivers will be installed.XiaomiTool V2

  3. Select the scenario

    Select the left button to choose you want to change the ROMXiaomiTool V2

  4. Select the device

    If everything is in order, a list will be shown with yours as a joining item. Select them and continue.XiaomiTool V2

  5. Device information

    The application will show you information about your connected device and perform some completely normal reboots. Wait.XiaomiTool V2

  6. MIAssistant connection

    If everything is going correctly, the phone should reboot into recovery mode showing a screen like the one you see in the application. Press the Volume Down button twice to reach the “Connect with MIAssistant” item and confirm your choice by pressing the power button once.XiaomiTool V2

  7. Select the type of operation

    Select the first item in the list on the application: "Xiaomi official ROMs".XiaomiTool V2

  8. Search for compatible ROM

    The search process will start Compatible ROMs with your device. Wait.XiaomiTool V2

  9. ROM selection

    Once the search process is finished, you will be shown a list of installable ROMs. Although the European version (EEA) is probably present, it is rarely possible to install it successfully. Is preferable select the Global Stable which is essentially identical.XiaomiTool V2

  10. Download the selected ROM

    The application will start automatically to download the selected ROM. It is possible that at this stage you will be asked to log in with your Xiaomi account. If you don't have one, you will have to create it.
    XiaomiTool V2

  11. Reconnection to MIAssistant

    Once the ROM download is finished, the phone will restart again in recovery mode. As before press the Volume Down button twice to reach the item “Connect with MIAssistant” and confirm your choice by pressing once the power button.XiaomiTool V2

  12. Flash ROM on the phone

    From this moment the actual procedure for the ROM flash begins. Do not touch anything, neither on the phone nor on the PC until the operation is complete.XiaomiTool V2

  13. Conclusion of the operation

    If you see this screen, it's done! You can wipe your forehead and start configuring your new International Global ROM free from the branding of telephone operators.XiaomiTool V2

We want to thank you Xiaomi Tips e Francesco Tescari ❤️


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16 days ago

More than perfect driving.
A big thank you to Francesco Tescari.
I felt compelled to make a small donation for the work done 💪

Marco Panzi
Marco Panzi
21 days ago

Excellent guide! Thanks a lot!

1 days ago

Potrebbe funzionare su mi pad 4 per cambiare rom? magari una custom?

12 days ago

Once the MIUI 12 is installed, will the other updates be automatic or do I have to do them every time? Thanks to who will want to answer

Last edited 12 days ago by nickma
14 days ago

everything was fine until step 10 Download the selected ROM, from here my mi10 crashed on the fastboot screen on the tool then a fastboot flash failled error message appeared, what should I do?

19 days ago

Is it possible to change roms with this tool from China to global without unlocking the bootloader on the k20pro?

19 days ago

If I switch from a vodafone EU to a global one, what changes? it says almost nothing but what actually changes from EU to Global? could something not work?

Last edited 19 days ago by Colle
15 days ago

What do you recommend for mi 10 brand tre?
Also, if you install Global, can I receive updates via ota?
Thank you

19 days ago

thank you very much, I was reading compatibility problems on the net with the times for example and I was a bit hesitant to update. but maybe they were related to other phones ..

Last edited 19 days ago by Colle
19 days ago

Does this ROM change erase personal device data?

Last edited 19 days ago by Jaime
12 days ago
Reply to  James

Sure. Return your phone to its original state as if it were taken out of the box for the first time.
Make a backup of photos and data and the social accounts that are there.

2 days ago

Regarding the warranty, what problems can there be? eventually you can then return to the original ROM (for example, in the case of a return or re-entry under warranty?)

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