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BW-WA3 PRO BlitzWolf the 120W speaker of pure sonic enjoyment!

As a DJ I am always looking for products that can fully satisfy my needs in terms of power and musical quality and ultimately I have really tested many speakers, including the younger brother (BlitzWolf BW-WA3) of what I'm going to talk to you about today, namely the BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO by well 120w of power! So I don't waste time and I'm going to introduce you to this real "atomic bomb"!

Let's start with the general characteristics of the product:

  • Sound power: 120W
  • Weight: 2650Gr
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 82mm x 91mm
  • Inputs: BlueTooth 5.0 TWS, USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack, TF Card
  • Battery: 16.000mAh (15 hours autonomy at 50% of the volume for music and 20 hours on call)
  • EQ: 3 preset equalizer curves (havy bass-vocal-3d mode)
  • Water resistance: IPX5
  • Frequency range: 20-16.000Hz
  • Impedance: 40Ω ± 15%


The box, well made, will contain:

  • Speaker (protected by 2 foam supports)
  • Straps for carrying over the shoulder
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB Type C charging cable
  • Instruction booklet (with Italian language)
  • Leaflet with QR Code


A fundamental thing for audio speakers is certainly their versatility, the connection methods that allow us to use them in the most varied situations, and from this point of view we will have no problems. In fact, we find everything we might need, namely: BT 5.0 TWS connection (which will allow us to pair another speaker to obtain an even more incredible and stereo sound up to 240W!), 3.5mm audio input (with cable in the package) , classic USB input in which we can use our keys and TF Card input. Even if today the fastest and most functional connection method, thanks also to the diffusion of streaming applications such as Spotify, remains the BT I must tell you that the other connections can be really useful in all those circumstances where you want to listen to music "offline"!


On the upper part of the speaker we find a series of buttons and LEDs that will allow us to take advantage of all the functions of our speaker BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO!

The signaling LEDs will indicate if connected in TWS with another WA3, if the device is in Paring state (connection with another BT devices) or connected in TWS mode (True Wireless Stereo) with another BlitzWolf speaker and which curve equalizer we are using using

The keys have multiple functions:

  • Power On: Power On / Off (1.5 / 2 seconds), after turning it on it will automatically enter BT search and can be paired. From on, press the same button to turn on / off the RGB side lights
  • M (mode): press it to switch to the various audio inputs which are: AUX (3.5mm cable), USB, SD Card. In BT mode, inserting one of the above audio inputs the device will automatically switch to this source, press it for 3 seconds when connected via BT to disconnect. Press it for 5 seconds to do a factory reset
  • EQ: Default is in Flat mode (named heavy bass), press it once in sequence to switch to clear voice-3D mode.
  • TWS: to pair 2 speakers proceed as follows: turn on the 2 devices and disconnect them from other BT devices, press the TWS button on the one that will be the main one and at this point the yellow LED will flash. Press the TWS button on the secondary and pairing will take place (the yellow lights will remain on on both speakers). At this point the blue BT LED will flash quickly on the main and will be waiting to be paired with your phone / pc / etc. To uncouple the speakers, simply press the TWS button on one of the 2.
  • Play: While playing music, press it quickly to pause and resume playing the song. During the incoming call, press briefly to answer it, during the call, press briefly to hang up and during the incoming call, press and hold it for 2 seconds to reject it. Press and hold 3 seconds to enter voice assistant mode. Press 2 times to redial the last number.
  • + and -: Press once quickly to increase / decrease the volume (16 levels) or hold for 1.5 seconds to go to the next / previous track

After 10 minutes of disconnection from a BT device it will automatically turn off to save battery.


It is difficult to explain, without being able to listen live, how a portable audio speaker can sound. My opinion is very good. The bass is deep and powerful, the mid-high frequencies well reproduced and the volume really crazy (remember its 120W). I'm not saying that you can throw a party there to make people dance, but surely, if you pair two of them via TWS technology, you will come close. I leave you a small sample that can give you an idea but that of course does not do absolutely justice to our BlitWolf BW-WA3 PRO.


The quality of the product convinced me on all fronts: very solid, it gives the feeling of being indestructible thanks to its metal construction, it has an excellent sound, very powerful and clear, manageable even with 3 preset equalization curves. All the entrances we might need are there! BT 5.0, TWS, AUX 3.5mm, USB, SD. The DSP audio chip regulates the digital signal in an excellent way, interesting the possibility of managing calls, excellent autonomy. The IP5 certification allows us to use it even in contexts where some splashes of water could arrive (swimming pool, lake, sea) without worries .. but be careful that you will not be able to bathe them!

If we really want to find negative sides we can do it .. like its younger brother, the fact that it does not have backlit keys for the main commands will be impossible to manage in case you want to use it in low light or in the dark. It is also true that they are in relief, so to the touch you can understand what we are pressing .. but it is certainly not the best of comfort. In the package we find a shoulder strap to carry it, but I assure you that you will hardly do it this way. It is quite heavy as a speaker, so it would certainly be more comfortable to carry it in a backpack.

The price is around € 250 but thanks to our offer in collaboration with GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) you can take it home, shipping priority included, with an incredible discount! So if I had already recommended the speaker to you at full price, with this discount BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO it truly becomes an "unmissable" companion for our summer in music!

BlitzWolf BW-WA3 PRO 120W Speaker

86€ 250€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (No Customs)
Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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