Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger: I didn't expect it!

You are suffering from the syndrome of low battery? Are you often in the car and the "normal" loaders don't satisfy you? What you are about to see will radically change the way you use your smartphone on the move.

About ten days ago I arrived by mail from GearVita a package that, among other things, contained the Xiaomi car support with wireless charging from 20W.

"Perfect!" I say, I really needed a car holder given the impossibility of using the previous solution adopted with the Mi8 (magnet attached to the back cover).

I confess that I had not documented much about this tool and most of the features were unknown to me.

But my eyes lit up as soon as I connected the holder to my battery charger Mi9.

Xiaomi car support: Description

Structure completely in polycarbonate but much resistant, BLUE ring led which lights up as soon as the support receives power and a articulated arm which allows both coupling to standard air vents (not mine 🙁) is theanchored by 3M adhesive to the windshield.

Xiaomi car holder: Features

Support must primarily do one thing: "support". 🙂
The vice of the support is strong and the rear joint allows it to rotate the device to 360 degrees keeping the device stable despite, in my case, the Mi9 is not exactly a feather.

But the fantastic thing is that the everything is motorized.

Just bring the smartphone close to the support to see this open to accommodate it in its housing. Once the device is installed, the clamps are tightened around the phone making the grip firm. Guys, I can use all the words I know but seeing it is something else!

Xiaomi car holder: Wireless recharge

Let's talk about this interesting feature. Not all car chargers also charge the device. This is not all recharge the device, but recharges it wireless e to 20W of power!
I don't know if you have in mind what it means to have a top-up at 20W. Well ... to make you understand the point ... it means having a recharge of the1% each 20-25 seconds. Which means that 5 minutes of charging are enough to have a battery boost of around 15%!

This loading speed will dramatically change the way you use your smartphone.

If before, every time I left the house, I checked the battery level to avoid finding myself dry, now I don't care anymore because I know that, if I get in the car, I will have all the energy I will need in a few minutes .

PS. Wireless charging also works with other devices. I tried with iPhone XS Max successfully except that the recharge is drastically slower. 3% in 5 minutes. But the problem here is the iPhone, not the charger. 🙂

Xiaomi car support: Cons

Oh yes, there is also a counter. The support is not very small and, depending on your car, the choice of where to place all the ambaradan could be more or less complicated.

I leave you my video which tells you a little about this difficulty of mine and will make you appreciate the use of this instrument which has become indispensable for me.

Xiaomi car holder: Price

How much is this little gem?

Su GEARVITA is at a stratospheric price: only 29.5 euros with XMCCoo coupons!!!
Do you have a smartphone with wireless charging? (Possibly a Mi9 that uses fast charging)
You can't miss it!

-50% Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger: I didn't expect it!

20W Wireless Car Charger Xiaomi

✈️ Choose Italy Priority Line shipping

26€ 52€

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It is compatible with xaomi note 10

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Is it possible to also connect it to the network socket at home or only in the car?

claudio scanferla
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claudio scanferla

hello, I was wondering if the proximity sensor works only if connected to the charger and then to the cigarette lighter of the car or even without it, thanks claudio

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