Carno is the new brush for dogs and cats that also sterilizes their fur

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These are worrying days for the world population, forced to spend the days locked up in their homes. We often hear good rules on TV / radio to counter the spread of Coronavirus, but who thinks about our furry friends? Well, since in staying at home, we have rediscovered the pleasure of personal cleaning and hygiene of your home, here Xiaomi offers on its crowdfunding Youpin, a gadget dedicated to our friends dogs and cats.

Let's talk about Carno, a brush that allows you to sterilize the fur of our 4-legged puppies. Carno is made of ABS plastic and is very compact, so much so that it can be carried even during daily walks, with dimensions equal to 220 x 40 mm to which is added a 300 mAh battery that is recharged via the USB Type-C cable included in packaging. This gadget is not a simple comb to leave the hair of the animal, but it allows you to sanitize it by releasing ozone particles, which for those who do not know, this substance it purifies and neutralizes all types of bacteria and parasites, being one of the most used compounds in the purification of houses and public areas where high quantities of viruses or particles can be concentrated which can negatively affect our health.

Carno is the new brush for dogs and cats that also sterilizes their fur

For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the user to use Carno only in areas where peo is actually present, leaving sensitive areas such as the face and mucous membrane aside, because ozone could cause problems for our animal, if breathed in high quantities. . Precautions aside, Carno will be the perfect ally for the toilet of our dog / cat, helping us to eliminate parasites and bacteria housed in the fur, and in Coronavirus times this feature should not be underestimated.

Carno's price in China is 199 yuan, or about 25 euros at the current exchange rate, available in two colors such as black and white, with shipments dated April 19, the date on which we could see it debut also on platforms that also ship in our country, of course, at a price different from that required in crowdfunding.

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