Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI VS Tineco Pure One S15 Pro Comparison between TOP range vacuum cleaners

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Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI VS Tineco Pure One S15 Pro is an interesting challenge that compares two top-of-the-range cordless vacuum cleaners from two famous, but not the most famous, brands. Tineco has established itself for its excellent floor washer and some vacuum cleaners but only with the S15 Pro has it achieved performance worthy of clashing with the best. Similarly, the Cecotec which has an impressive catalog of home appliances, has only recently turned to home cleaning with robot and vacuum cleaner.

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 Ai VS Tineco Pure One S15 Pro technical specifications in comparison

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AiTineco Pure One S15 Pro
Weight/size1,9 Kg1,7 Kg
Potenza680 W500 W
Suction26KPa - 230AW229 AW
FilterHEPAHEPA 5 Stages
Powder capacity600ml470ml
Battery3000mAh / 29,6V2.500mAh / 22,2V
Autonomy10 – 90 Minutes10 – 40 Minutes
Noise88 db80 dB
Recharge time (20-80%)2 hours3 hours
DisplayMonochromeColors with animations
Total accessories74
Floor cleaner accessorySIDO NOT
Front lightSISI
Smartphone applicationSISI


Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI has a horizontal motor and trigger start. The mode change (automatic, min, med max) takes place via a button located on the front. The display is monochromatic and simple – it shows the remaining charge, the selected mode and an animation during charging.

The horizontal design forces an emptying that didn't completely convince me because it is necessary to fold the vacuum cleaner and it is not an easy operation even if performed with two hands.

With a minimal, beautiful and elegant appearance – Tineco has focused on a vertical engine design like that of the Dreamer with starting a trigger. The controls for the manual mode are placed in the upper part and managed by a scenographic ma poco practical touch slider. Even the is placed at the top and is one of the nicest things about this product being very large, full color and able to represent all the necessary information but also animations that help in the operations. For example, it not only signals any blockages but also how and where to remove them. The colored frame, also animated, shows us the amount of dirt detected by the iLoop sensor.

Emptying is easy and takes place in two ways. It is possible to open the lower hatch or slide the lever in front of the trigger which not only opens the hatch but cleans the pre-filter which tends to easily accumulate dirt in these products.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro offers a more refined design, a fabulous display and greater practicality than the competitor.


Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI Accessories

The equipment of Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI is really very rich:

  • Narrow 2-in-1 accessory
  • Wide 2 in 1 accessory
  • Large motorized brush
  • Small motorized brush
  • Elongated brush
  • Fabric brush
  • Elbow tube (can be combined with other accessories)
  • Extendable tube (can be combined with other accessories)
  • Floor cleaner accessory
  • Charging base
  • User manual

Basically we have a tool suitable for every possible need, making house cleaning operations much easier and more efficient. In particular I appreciated thefloor cleaner accessory: a mop with built-in tank, very easy to install with the magnetic attachment, which allows you to "wash" the floor while vacuuming.

The extendable hose can be bent at 90° to facilitate cleaning under furniture without

La main brush, the one essential for cleaning, is of excellent quality and tilts almost 90°. The roller is interesting, which is soft (ideal for floors) but includes rubber inserts for cleaning carpets and rugs. An internally positioned comb automatically rips any tangles of hair.

La charging base it can be fixed to the wall but it is small and allows you to house only two of the accessories. Alternatively, the base can also be recharged.

Tine Pure One S15 Pro charging base

In Tineco the equipment is more limited and I had also complained about this in the review, especially considering the price and the range of the product.

  • Corner lance
  • Wide 2 in 1 accessory
  • Large motorized brush
  • Small motorized brush
  • Charging base
  • User manual

Again, the general quality of Tineco is predominant with few accessories but well made. They all have an attachment clip that guarantees maximum hold. They are also all equipped with a internal gasket to maximize the suction force.

La main brush it is slightly larger than that of the Rockstar and rigid with alternating soft and hard bristles. The particular V design prevent hair and hair from tangling in the center. Here too we find an internal comb that automatically tears out any tangles.

Tine Pure One S15 Pro Top view

La charging base I liked Tineco a lot because it doesn't need holes in the wall, but it is placed on the ground in a stable way and has space for all the accessories. It doesn't need a long rod (as in the Dyson and Jimmy), but the vacuum cleaner stands in perfect balance,

The verdict is of equality: Cecotec offers many more accessories, but in Tineco the quality is higher.

Power and performance

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI VS Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO Brushes

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI sports decent muscles thanks to its 680W motor that releases 230AW and 26KPa. Very high values, achieved by very few of the products on the market. The performance as a result is excellent in all scenarios.

On hard floors, the results are impeccable and nothing is left out, not even the largest dirt that is usually only "moved" by other products. This is thanks to the excellent main brush but also to the large front opening.

Su carpets and rugs it is no less. To vacuum the dirt between the bristles of the carpets, a lot of power is needed because a good brush is not sufficient to pick up the dirt that lurks deep inside. The great suction force allows results almost similar to towed vacuum cleaners.

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI VS Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO Rollers

La Tineco Pure One S15 Pro it has a 500W motor that still manages to produce almost 230AW. This is possible thanks to the "closed" design of the large brush which maximizes suction while limiting the ability to collect large dirt.

On hard floors the Tineco performs very well, picking up every last crumb. Even on carpets it is appreciated with really excellent results, thanks also to the large roller used.

When using the accessories, the lower power is felt more and in some situations (cleaning of shelves) the Cecotec was more efficient.

The greater power is indisputable and the point must be awarded to Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI


Despite the increased power, the Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI offers an autonomy of 90 minutes but (obviously) in Eco mode which develops the minimum of power, this thanks to the generous battery 3000mAh. At maximum power, the autonomy is reduced to 10 minutes.

The battery is equipped with a power port and can be recharged separately, useful in case you want to buy an additional battery to double the autonomy. Forward the Cecotec is equipped with quick charging which brings from 20% to 80% in just 2 hours.

The Tineco Pure One S15 Pro also has a good one battery but from 2500mAh but which given the lower power manages to obtain similar values ​​in the maximum mode, but lower in the minimum one. Charging from 1 to 100 takes up to 4 hours.

In truth, in both we will go more often to use the automatic mode which adapts the power according to the dirt but it is impossible to make a comparison of this scenario because they have a variable behavior.

In Tineco, the automatic mode is more responsive especially using the accessories but it is difficult to establish in terms of autonomy how much the saving is.

Longer battery life, fast charging and power port, ensure the point al Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI

Conclusions and Price

Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI VS Tineco PURE ONE S15 PRO Camera body
Machine body compared

If we consider the points, the Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI emerges victorious from this clash thanks to its great power and excellent autonomy.

But the quality of Tineco is undeniable in every detail of the product. Starting from the assembly to get to the advanced display and the effective iLoop sensor for the automatic mode.

The choice is really difficult and perhaps the price can help us in the evaluation. There Cecotec Rockstar 3000 AI is proposed at €449,90 on the official Cecotec website. For the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro you have to spend a little more, because net of any offers, it is available for €599 on the official Tineco website.

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