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New certified Xiaomi smartwatch, will be part of the Watch S3 series

According to the latest news from China, the technology giant Xiaomi has just obtained 3C certification for a new smartwatch model, the M2312W1, which is shaping up to be the latest addition to its Watch S3 series. This new device promises to bring significant innovations to the smartwatch market, consolidating Xiaomi's position in the sector.

New certified Xiaomi smartwatch, will be part of the Watch S3 series

New certified Xiaomi smartwatch, will be part of the Watch S3 series

The strong point of this device is undoubtedly the support for eSIM functionality, which allows the smartwatch to independently connect to cellular networks, making it possible to make calls and send messages without the need to be connected to a smartphone. The TAF certification also confirms compatibility with the main Chinese network operators, China Mobile and China Unicom.

Another detail that does not go unnoticed is the capacity of the battery, equal to 586mAh. This surpasses that of previous models, xiaomi watch s3 and Watch 2 Pro, of 486mAh and 495mAh respectively, thus promising longer life on a single charge.

No less important is the 3C quality certification obtained last month in China, which reveals support for recharge from 10W, a further step forward towards energy efficiency.

The official information stops here, but thanks to the leaks of the leaker Digital Chat Station on Weibo, we can expect other interesting features. Among these, a OLED display, heart rate monitoring, GPS for navigation and NFC support for contactless payments.

The real gem, however, seems to be the battery life, which, according to what is suggested, should be the longest ever seen on a Xiaomi wearable from the last year. Furthermore, according to rumors, Xiaomi intends to implement its own proprietary software, Surge OS, further enriching the user experience.

New certified Xiaomi smartwatch, will be part of the Watch S3 series

At the moment it remains a mystery whether the M2312W1 will be part of the Xiaomi Watch 3 line or the Xiaomi Watch S category, but what is certain is that further details will emerge in the coming days.

In any case, the approval of the 3C certification confirms that the new Xiaomi M2312W1 smartwatch is ready to enter the Chinese market. It remains to be seen how it will stack up against its predecessors and what new features will surprise users.

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