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[ChangeLog] Weekly MIUI 3.11.22

Here we come to a new Orange Friday. From changelog anticipations we have already learned that the greatest novelty was the introduction of downloading themes through gift code, all in all welcome as it allows them to win themes through competitions (Facebook, Official Forum, etc.). Given the impossibility of buying MiCredits through Western payment methods, discount codes still have some importance.

Let's have a look at the other novelties.

Featured: The MIUI Theme Store now supports gift codes

[youtube id = "YBOsptBFq2k" width = "600 ″ height =" 340 ″ position = "left"]


Correction - Some buttons on the numeric keypad appear in the wrong place (11-20)
Correction - Some international codes are recognized as emergency numbers (11-20)
Correction - On the Hongmi with some emergency numbers the Dual-Sim does not work properly (11-20)


Improvement - The system now supports font change (11-22)
Improvement - Improved search and connection speed to some routed SSIDs (11-22)
Correction - Problem with additional sounds in the lock screen (11-22)
Correction - Very fast typing keyboard sounds are not synchronized (11-22)
Correction - Sporadic "Forced FC Locks" (11-22)
Correction - Antuto and other such applications report a wrong residual charge. (11-22)


Addition - The MIUI Theme Store now supports gift codes (11-19)
Improvement - "Scroll up" added to comments (11-20)
Correction - Applying a theme, sometimes not all icons are changed (11-19)
Correction - In case of update, the details are loaded locally that obviously do not contain the relative changelog (11-19)
Correction - In the preview of the themes, when the last page is reached, it is not possible to continue with the first one. (11-19)

[Lock Screen, Status Bar, Notification Tender]

Addition - Added the ability to hide the notification of the "capture screen" Screenshoot (11-21)
Addition - Deleting the last notification, the notification drop-down closes. (11-21)
Improvement - If the battery is almost empty, if necessary, the status bar appears. (11-21)
Improvement - Notifications of Xiaomi recommendations now report the application name (Not in Italy) (11-21)
Correction - Without a SIM inserted, the Internet data usage limit settings (11-21) can not be accessed
Correction - The notification curtain goes into error when an Analytic notification fails (11-21)


Improvement - Calls from unknown numbers are intercepted faster (11-19)
Improvement - When you receive an almost exhausted credit message, the system will remind you to top up (Not in Italy) (11-22)
Correction - Removed confirmation for parcel delivery control. (Not in Italy) (11-19)


Correction - Fixed forcing close enters the music app from a notification. (11-18)
Correction - In some cases, by downloading a song, the download icon does not turn gray (11-18)


Improvement - PreFlash time reduced
Correction - When recording a video, it is not possible to switch to the gallery. (11-21)
Correction - Noise was inconsistent in white balance mode and automatic mode


Addition - Added the settings button (11-22)
Improvement - New status bar icons (11-22)
Correction - Sporadic app closures (11-22)
Correction - In selection mode, by exiting and re-entering the app, the number of selected elements is wrong (11-22)


Add - Support for playback from DLNA LAN devices (11-20)
Correction - Sporadic closure of the details page (11-19)
Correction - Sporadic closures during search (11-19)
Correction - In some cases, loading errors remain even after completing the buffering (11-19)
Correction - In some cases the history is not saved (11-19)

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