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[ChangeLog] Weekly MIUI 3.11.29 in Italian (Italian Pack ready)

Here we are at the Orange Friday this week, which also coincides with the Black Friday. We already know from the advances that the most juicy news is the native support of the Weather application, even for countries outside of China.

Let's have a look at the other novelties.

Featured: MIUI Weather supports weather data for all countries

[youtube id = "z6iM35M-1W0 ″ width =" 600 ″ height = "340 ″ position =" left "]

[alert-note] The video shows an incorrect title but refers to this version [/ alert-note]

[System] (MI 3)

Correction - An alert is issued if the SIM memory for SMS (11-27)
Correction - Resolved snappy display for videos cached by other apps (11-28)
Correction - Mute animation when the silent profile is set. (11-28)


Correction - When responding to a call, a bad signal was sent to the status bar (11-26)

[Lock Screen, Status Bar, Notification Tender]

Improvement - The push icon displays pushed apps' icons (11-27)

[Home Screenshots]

Improvement - Improved blurred effect for phones that support 1080p (11-27)

[Internet browser]

Improvement - When a page is added to the tabs, a page color background (11-27) is added to the corresponding square link,


Improvement - Added proposal to use MiSound (11-25)
Correction - Sometimes playing default video would cause FC (11-25)


Correction - Occasional closures by changing system language (11-25)


Add - Images in the cloud can be viewed as Slide Show (11-22)
Addition - Cloud images can also be shared through other applications (11-22)
Improvement - Improved local image upload speed for the home page (11-22)
Improvement - The settings for the screen saver have been moved between the general settings (11-25)
Correction - The bottom bar sometimes flashed displaying a gallery (11-22)
Correction - Due to an error, cloud images sometimes increased up to 1000 (11-22)
Correction - While closing a cloud album, that album continued to be screened as a screen saver (11-25)
Correction - In the local path selection, the internal and SD files were called in the same way (11-25)


Correction - Some non-compatible parts of the themes misled some applications (11-28)


Improvement - Improved display of details for those using large fonts (11-26)
Improvement - If there is a DLNA device, this is displayed along with the other folders (11-27)
Correction - Sometimes when returning from the reader to the details page, the application would close (11-26)
Correction - Some writings were represented in Chinese despite having set English (11-26)
Correction - Pressing the Search button 2 animations (11-26)
Correction - Some sporadic closings displaying lists (11-26)


Add - Add weather data from cities outside China (11-26)
Add - Weather Alerts (11-26)
Addition - Climate trend now includes the previous day (11-26)
Improvement - Improved Night Cloud Animation (11-26)
Improvement - It is now possible to scroll through pages with a swipe (11-26)
Correction - Some themes could not receive weather data (11-26)

[Security Center] (Only for Mi2 & Mi2A, the other terminals still require additional tests)

Improvement - Improved virus detection through cloud upgrades (11-28)
Correction - After a virus check, some applications were reported with an incorrect name (11-28)
Correction - Some settings were shown in Chinese even if you set English (11-28)
Correction - Sporadic enclosures looking for large installation files (11-28)
Correction - Sporadic Closes by Viewing the Allowed Section Log (11-28)
Correction - Sporadic closures during the cleaning process (11-28)
Correction - Sometimes the number of removed items was "-1" (11-28)
Correction - Sometimes changing the Power settings settings enabled vibration (11-28)
Correction - Using a custom consumption profile touch touch sound did not work (11-28)
Correction - Sometimes the "never" automatic cache cleaning setting does not work (11-28)
Correction - Sometimes the settings for the consumption profile continue to alternate between Default and Sleep (11-28)

[Use of mobile data] (Oppo Find 5)

Correction - Icons displayed incorrectly (11-28)

Link to Downloads

[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.11.29 - English / Chinese (READY)[/ Button-green]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.11.29 - Multilanguage (READY)[/ Button-green]

[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.11.29 - Italian (READY)[/ Button-green]



We also await to find out what corresponds to that enigmatic announcement for MIUI X scheduled for today ... follow us!


Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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