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[ChangeLog] Weekly MIUI 3.12.20 in Italian (Italian Pack Available)

Hello MIUIers, here is the full changelog in Italian of MIUI weekly 3.12.20. New Calendar app and several fixes in the Contacts app.

We see the details.

Featured in the ChangeLog

  • New version of the calendar (new view per month and per day, new black and white transparent widget)

[youtube id = "iK7SjyI3dWc" width = "600 ″ height =" 340 ″ position = "left"] [clear]

[Home Screenshots]

New - Added the ability to track the app from the global search (12-17)
Best - Autocomplete: A partial file or app name is sufficient to start the search (12-17)


New - New version of the calendar (new view by month and by day, new transparent black and white widget) (12-19)
Correction - Fixed an error in displaying an event description in detail mode (12-19)


Best - Clicking on a contact's photo, if you do not have a configured email, the contact email address (12-17)
Correction By adding an unknown number to a contact, sometimes the list was not displayed correctly (12-17)
Correction - Occasionally locking SIM contacts (12-17)
Correction - With the empty directory it was still possible to press the "Select All" button (12-17)
Correction - On the details page, the birthday was incorrectly displayed (12-17)
Correction - In the details page, the triangle indicating the current panel is misdirected (12-17)
Correction - Even in Airplane mode, access to the Xiaomi account (12-17) is remembered
Correction - Using the + 17951 and + 86 prefixes for the same number, the call log is listed as different numbers (12-17)


Best - Enter Chinese 2014 Holidays ("Working Days" for Alarm Clock) (12-19)


Correction - The file format and the link to the application in some cases were incorrect (12-17)


Correction - Parts of the numeric keypad were displayed incorrectly (12-17)


Correction - Improper display of outgoing message status (12-18)


New - Horizontal view for payment messages (12-18)
New - Payment and top-up page (12-18)
New - Reload account via QR code on cards (12-18)
Improvement - The keyboard appears automatically when you need to enter a password (12-18)
Improvement - Lock screen hide user information (12-18)

[MiCloud Back Ups]

Improvement - Backup is performed only on applications used on the same day (12-19)


New - Synchronizing playlists (12-17)
New - Selection of songs for the Leishi KTV consoles (12-17)
New - Baidu High Quality Music Services (for a fee) (12-17)

[Security Center]

Improvement - Completed the control process, a new title is displayed in the cleaning app (12-19)
Improvement - In the permissions app it is possible to have a blank screen (12-19)
Correction - Completed the control process, entering the app Cleaning the app was closed (12-19)
Correction - By displaying the details of the Virus risk apps, the size of the apps was 0 (12-19)


Correction - sporadic closures during streaming (12-19)
Correction - Unable to delete items from "My Videos" (12-19)

Link to Downloads

[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.20 - English / Chinese (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.20 - Multilanguage (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.20 - Italian (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
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Simone Rodriguez
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