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[ChangeLog] Weekly MIUI 3.12.27 in Italian (Italian Pack Ready)

Good morning MIUIers, the team of programmers is always at work and, luckily, in China the Catholic Christmas is not celebrated so the new version will come out without delay.

We see full changelog and translated into Italian for you.

Featured in the ChangeLog of the MIUI 3.12.27

  • For each theme you buy, you can buy one coupon code to give the theme.
  • Video synchronization with the cloud account has been introduced and works just like the photos.
  • Introduced access to shares through the application File Explorer and the protocol Samba File Share

[youtube id = "jdILCiXpVd0 ″ width =" 600 ″ height = "340 ″ position =" left "] [clear]


Optimization - Animation effect for locating apps using Search (12-24)


New - Support for the purchase and gift of themes (12-25)


Correction - Some images and downloaded videos were not present in the gallery (12-24)
Correction - The screensaver does not start after reboot (12-25)
Correction - Changed the logic with which the cloud is automatically uploaded (12-25)
New - Support for downloading original images from the cloud (12-25)


New - Added popup for a guide about online music (12-25)


Correction - Fixed incorrect display of weather conditions that in some cases appeared (12-25)

[File Explorer]

New - Support for shared Samba files support (Xiaomi MiWiFi Router support for other Samba servers) (12-25)


New - Quick search in the notification bar (12-25)


New - Support for downloading files (only from sites per hour) (12-23)
New - Added new sources (12-25)
New - Added the Dirac audio effect in the menu (12-25)
Improvement - Join the Video player and the Video app (12-23)
Correction - Changing the channel continuously, the audio is not interrupted. (12-25)
Correction - By running a video in the cloud instead, the local (12-25)
Correction - Online TVs are displayed only after pressing the Back button (12-25)

[Xiaomi account]

Correction - the Avatars of the MiCloud service was fuzzy (12-25)


Correction - Images are also downloaded after enabling Mobile Data Saver (12-25)
Correction - The link to online support does not work (12-25)


Improvement - The list of enabled in the use of the Memory now corresponds to that of the app locked in the tack manager (12-26)

Link to Downloads

[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.27 - English / Chinese (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.27 - Multilanguage (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
[button-green position = "center" url = "" target = "_ blank" position = "left"]   Download MIUI 3.12.27 - Italian (AVAILABLE)[/ Button-green] [clear]
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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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