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OpenAI ready to undermine Google. Evidence of the existence of the ChatGPT-based search engine

Recent findings reveal that OpenAI may be about to launch its own ChatGPT based search engine, directly challenging the giant Google. The rumors intensify, and the signs seem to confirm this theory after the news of a similar product it had already made its way in February this year. But now some more concrete clues have emerged.

Concrete evidence of a search engine with ChatGPT

A user named Ashutosh Shrivastava shared a photo on X showing i OpenAI SSL certificate log, revealing an intriguing detail: the existence of a “” domain. This seems to confirm rumors that OpenAI is developing its own search engine, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the ChatGPT software.

OpenAI's interest in the search sector was further highlighted by a discussion by CEO Sam Altman in a recent podcast, where he explored the potential of AI to improve search engines. This comes at a time when Google is also ramping up its AI efforts, especially with the arrival of Liz Reid, who has shown a strong commitment to integrating AI more deeply into Google's search capabilities.

Not only on the web front, but OpenAI is also pushing to integrate its technologies into mobile devices. We've been talking about how since January OpenAI could be working towards a default alternative to Google Assistant on Android. Recent sightings of a new ChatGPT widget for Android makes it easier to access services like instant messaging, image analysis and the features Voice, suggesting that such innovations could also be integrated into the new ChatGPT-based search engine.

Launch period

Speculations are further fueled by inside sources suggesting that ChatGPT search engine may be revealed on May 9th. If this occurred, it would mark a significant moment not only for OpenAI but for the entire technology landscape, introducing a serious competitor to the Google-dominated field of online search.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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