ChatGPT will eat up Gmail according to its own creator

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It's no secret now that Chat GPT it is helping the man in many jobs. There is a lot of concern about artificial intelligence, but we needn't worry: AI will not take our place. However, it is possible that this new service could undermine applications or services that have been around for much longer. In the last few hours, Paul Buchheit's statement regarding the e-mail application that he himself created has been talked about. According to him, ChatGPT will replace GMail in poco time.

Gmail will meet certain end due to ChatGPT. Its end is marked in a maximum of two years according to its own creator Paul Buchheit

The ChatGPT chatbot could destroy Google in as little as a year or two. So says the "creator" of the Gmail mail service Paul Buchheit. A worrying tweet reveals the concern of the software engineer. More specifically, Buckheit believes that ChatGPT will destroy the main idea of ​​Google: the search service. The technology at the heart of ChatGPT is advancing at such a pace that AI could soon not only surpass Google in search engines but also offer better personalization and even email, Buckheit said. At the same time, if Google eventually implements similar technologies and reaches ChatGPT, the company will not be able to fully implement it in its systems without losing the most profitable part. 

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ChatGPT, according to Buckheit, stands out in how much it can deliver more personalized information. Furthermore, the exponential growth in computing speed will enable the rapid expansion of the capabilities of the chatbot and similar technologies. Backheit was the primary developer of Gmail and has developed the prototype of Google AdSense. Moreover, it was he who came up with the motto “Do not be naughty“, thanks to which Google today is often called “The corporation of the good“. In short, the near future is prefigured as a fight to the death between companies for who will have the most complete service. Ultimately, however, it must be remembered that the final word always has the end user which will decide, with its use, which between ChatGTP and Gmail will be the favorite.


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