What do you think of this patent in the Mi Mix Alpha style but more "user friendly"?

What dream of the Mi Mix Alpha! When it came out we were all speechless because nobody could imagine such a design: one surround screen that literally wraps the smartphone, leaving only one uncovered line on which the sensors are placed. Now let's get out of the clouds though: Mi Mix Alpha is not coming soon on the market and lovers of all-display devices must be satisfied with what the market offers. The hopes, however, do not die for those who want an enveloping design since Xiaomi has filed a patent of a Mi Mix Alpha style device but definitely more "User friendly". Let's see what it's about.

A patent of a similar Mi Mix Alpha appears: much screen but more usable than the real concept phone

La difficulties in using a device like Mi Mix Alpha it is clear to everyone: first of all you need to interface with the fragility of the body which is entirely made of glass; secondly you have to find a tempered glass or film that takes the entire surface; finally a OS suitable for this form still does not exist, or rather, is in the process of experimentation. For now too complicated. But Xiaomi seems to have developed another hybrid device, with a design between an existing smartphone and a real concept.

Unfortunately, the images available to us are few, but they are enough to make our eyes shine. Lovers of devices with curved edges will certainly not appreciate but fortunately the world is beautiful because it is varied. In the photos above we see how i top and bottom edges are kept to a minimum to ensure a screen-device relationship almost to the maximum. This as regards the front which, in brackets, does not even show photographic sensors. THE sides are also "covered" by the screen, forming one curve as in the real Mi Mix Alpha.

patent mi mix alpha

To distinguish this device from the real one is the back: while what we saw in Lei Jun's hand also has the display behind it, this takes only part of the rear body, continuing for about an inch. For the rest, only the cameras occupy the "backside" of this smartphone, three in all.

The source to which we refer offers us a question: "What if this was the design of Mi Mix 4?". All in all this hypothesis is not to be excluded: the Mix series has always been a bit "revolutionary": Just think of the sliding mechanism of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Furthermore nothing has yet transpired about this device, if not of the indiscretions and the photographs and the indiscretions turned out to be false.

What do you think about it? Would you like a smartphone with a similar design?


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