Cheap smartwatch? Comparison between AmazFit BIP S and Realme Watch

The wearable device sector is increasingly large and untangling among the various models on the market, it becomes increasingly difficult, especially when we decide on an economic budget but we do not want to give up the main functions of a smartwatch with sportwatch functions and therefore activity monitoring sports and health parameters, such as heart rate. But if we want reliability without particular renunciations we must certainly turn our gaze towards the recent AmazFit BIP S and the antagonist Realme Watch that we try to compare today, which share the philosophy of "giving a lot for very little".

Cheap smartwatch? Comparison between AmazFit BIP S and Realme Watch

First we tried to summarize the peculiarities of the two wearables through a comparative table, a quick way to start getting an idea on which device is best suited to your needs, but in case you don't forget to read on to clarify each doubt.

One thing that surely benefits Realme Watch is the display, a color LCD unit that offers excellent resolution, very similar to more noble and expensive models. In daily use, it is appreciated for its bright colors and more successful animations, resulting objectively better than what is offered by the BIP S, as the vision of the data is more comfortable to the eye. On the other hand, the wearable AmazFit offers a TFT-type display technology, allowing a reduced energy consumption and above all a truly significant readability in direct sunlight, ideal for sportsmen, since the more light the display receives, the better it is. its reading performance. In addition, the display is always active without affecting general autonomy.

Both devices offer good monitoring at the level of sports activities, but in the case of the AmazFit BIP S we have in addition the integrated GPS from Sony, which allows us to have a detailed map of our journey outdoors without having to resort to use smartphone. As mentioned before, the BIP S display is less resolute but in direct lighting conditions it is more readable than the Realme home device. On the other hand, the Realme Watch offers more sport modes and adds the function of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, a function that is in great demand especially in this period of Coronavirus Covid-19.

In terms of functions, the two wearables are completely similar, offering for example pedometers, calories burned, sleep monitor, smartphone music control directly from the watch and obviously the notifications, which apparently are better managed by the Realme Watch, not so much for the vision in itself but for the functions associated with them such as the reminder for drugs or for drinking water as well as keeping the smartphone unlocked (which also allows AmazFit BIP S). In short, for daily use Realme Watch seems more complete. The respective companion applications are similar and well made, but that of the Realme brand is not available for iOS systems therefore AmazFit BIP S is the only alternative for lovers of the brand of the bitten apple.

One thing not to be underestimated in a wearable device is autonomy, as we do not want to find ourselves in the evening having to recharge in addition to our smartphone and TWS headphones also the smart watch, and in this the AmazFit BIP S is certainly the absolute winner, reaching with moderate use even a month in duration, while the competitor reaches about a poor week. The price to pay for a better screen. In any case autonomies on both smartwatches more than satisfactory, but impossible to beat that offered by Huami's device, considering the presence of an always active display and integrated GPS. On balance, Realme Watch is more graceful in design and more suitable for daily use but if you are a sportsman then BIP S is the right solution for you.

The price is also very similar between the two smart wrist devices, but at the moment the Realme Watch is difficult to find. In addition, AmazFit BIP S enjoys the support of a large community, which churns out watchfaces, MOD and above all experience on a daily basis, a point in favor that will undoubtedly make the balance point towards the solution of Huami. And have you already chosen between the two?

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Cheap smartwatch? Comparison between AmazFit BIP S and Realme Watch

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