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Claude from Anthropic arrives in Europe: here's how to try it

Anthropic, backed by tech giants Google and Amazon, has launched its Claude chatbot across Europe, marking a significant move in the competitive artificial intelligence market. The news arrives, coincidentally, afterannouncement of GPT-4o by OpenAI. Here's what the chatbot is capable of and how to try it in Italy.

Claude arrives Europe: a new era for chatbots. Here's what it does and how to try it

Artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, backed by Alphabet (Google's parent company) and, has announced that its generative chatbot Claude is now available across Europe. With this move, Claude goes straight in competition with ChatGPT of OpenAI, supported by Microsoft, which reached a record 100 million monthly active users just two months after its launch.

Claude, until now freely available online in some countries, will for the first time be accessible through the websites and iPhone throughout the European Union, as well as in some European countries that are not members of the EU, such as Switzerland and Iceland. This represents a notable broadening of its availability, bringing Anthropic's AI technology to a much wider audience.

screenshot by claude from anthopric

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Corporate customers in Europe will also be able to benefit from a new offer, the “Claude Team” plan, available at a cost of 28 per month. This proposal is designed to attract the business sector, increasing Claude's presence in the corporate sector and increasing the potential for use in different professional areas.

The history of Anthropic is particularly interesting: founded by Dario e Daniela Amodei, former OpenAI executives, the company has quickly made inroads into the world of artificial intelligence. Dario, the CEO highlighted Claude's potential impact in Europe, stating: “Millions of people around the world are already using Claude to speed up scientific processes, improve customer service or sharpen their writing. I can't wait to see what people and companies across Europe can create with Claude's help. "

How to use Claude in Italy and Europe

To use and access Claude just go to official website of the chatbot and sign up (via Google) or however you want. From that moment, you can start talking to us.

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