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Co-Founder of Xiaomi confirms: "The Xiaomi Mi4 will not have the steel body"

One of Xiaomi's leaders confirms, the Mi4 will not be made of metal. Xiaomi Co-Founder Liwan Jiang amazed the company's fans through a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, in which he stated that the Xiaomi Mi4 will not be made with metal materials.

After a teaser that made us realize the use of steel in the upcoming Xiaomi top range, and after sending invitations for the 22 Day launch event in the form of metal sheets, all the media in the industry, including us, they thought the use of metallic materials on Mi4 was a fact! With Mi4 rumors indicating a top of the range somewhat behind the competition, using a steel shell would be a good step forward for Xiaomi, which could have made a further leap of quality as a manufacturer.

But apparently there are no metallic materials in the future of Xiaomi, or at least not in the near future. With a big piece like Liwan Jiang as a source, the news leaves no room for interpretation. Maybe the next Mi-phone will have a metal frame, but not the whole body, like the HTC One.

If all this information is confirmed, Xiaomi will have to put its hopes on the selling price of its next top range. OnePlus has also been based on the sale price, but it has to be accompanied by a good availability of the product, a feature that OnePlus certainly did not guarantee.

Meizu, with a social network post, pointed out that his products made use of metal materials for seven years, but as we know, Chinese companies never miss the opportunity to show themselves superior to their rivals!
What do you think of this story? Would you have preferred the use of a metal body?



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