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Discount Code - Redmi Notes 4 Global (20 band) 3 / 32Gb to 144 € on Honorbuy.it

Like many of you, including myself, we know of the goodness of the terminal of the Redmi Note series of the Xiaomi house.

Of course we are talking about Redmi Note 4 which is also in Global version, so with 20 band present and Rom Global stable (which includes Italian, Google services and OTA updates) in the version with 3Gb of RAM memory and 32Gb of ROM memory.

Now available from HONORBUY.IT also the enhanced version with 4Gb of RAM memory and 64Gb of ROM memory in OFFER

Xiaomi Redmi Notes 4 4gb / 64gb with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU 625

🇮🇹 MIUI Global official with Italian, Google services and automatic OTA updates
🇮🇹 20 LTE Band - Compatible with all Italian telephone operators
🇮🇹 Charger with Italian plug
🇮🇹 2 years warranty with repair in Italy

We remind you that all phones purchased from Honorbuy.it enjoy 24 Italy months warranty, 24h shipments from Italy and repairs always in Italy! We remind you that on the whole catalog you can use our generic coupon: XTWINT

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the code does not work, says the code does not exist


Sorry, there was an error, the code is: XTNOTE4

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