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Discount Code - XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera IR to 15 € 2 guarantee years Europe

Eliminate any worry with the Xiaomi Chuangmi security camera, equipped with infrared night vision! Available at this incredible number with our coupon:

This fully-featured camera has all the features needed for effective monitoring. It starts with the microphone-speaker combination, which allows for two-way communication, for remote playback through the app with storage capability using a micro SD (not included), reaching infrared night vision from the 9 range meters. If we add this to the 120 gradient angle and the motion sensor, we can most likely say that we are dealing with a product of absolute quality.

We note that purchasing is possible through the first link from the Italian version of Gearbest, which offers a two-year European warranty price. The second link leads instead to the same article sold by the standard Gearbest page, which does NOT offer a European guarantee, but only Chinese.

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Luca Ferraris

good cam and great price. I took it to 15 €.

Pietro Correale
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Pietro Correale

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