Roborock S6 the robot washes floors from Xiaomi at 421 € from Europe!

19 January 2021 11: 01
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In this article we want to talk to you and propose some of the best products of the Roborock brand (Xiaomi ecosystem), such as the Roborock S6, specialized in the distribution of Robot vacuum cleaners-floor cleaners.

Roborock robots are intelligent devices, capable of working independently and cleaning floors thoroughly, combining the effectiveness of suction with the practicality of its integrated mop. The combination of the two technologies allows to obtain a cleaning of the highest level. The same are equipped with safety systems that help them juggle avoiding stairs and obstacles, ensuring total serenity during use. In addition to offering the "usual" cleaning planning functions, they can be controlled through an application that allows you to choose an area of ​​the floor (previously scanned by the robot) on which to concentrate the efforts of the machine, ensuring maximum effectiveness even against the most stubborn dirt.
Capacious batteries from over 5000mAh guarantee well over two hours of uninterrupted cleaning, in the vast majority of cases more than enough to complete the job!

In this article we point out the S6, undoubtedly among the best products on the market!

Roborock S6

roborock s6 (2)

Brand: Roborock
Model: S6 LSD
Accessories Types: Remote control
Material: ABS
Cleaning type: Vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner
Remote control: yes
Programming function: yes
Auto Charge: yes
Virtual Wall: yes
Climbing Capacity: 2cm
Cleaning Mode: SLAM, Automatic Route Planning
Cleaning Area: 250 Square Meters
Floor types: Carpet, Ceramic tiles, Marble floor, Shag carpet, Ceramic floor, Wood floor
Dust Collector Capacity: 480ml
Water Tank Capacity: 140ml
Suction (pa): 2000pa
Noise level (dB): 58dB
Power (W): 58W
Voltage (V): 14.4V
Autonomy: 150 Minutes Battery Information Battery Capacity: 5200mAh Dimensions and Weight Product Weight: 3,6000 kg
Package weight: 6,7000 kg
Product Wise (W x D x H): 35,30 x 35,00 x 9,65 cm / 13,9 x 13,78 x 3,8 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 51,40 x 43,00 x 15,30 cm / 20,24 x 16,93 x 6,02 inches Package contents Main material: 1 x Robot, 1 x Charging Base, 1 x Dust Box, 1 x Water Tank, 1 x Multilingual Manual (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian), 10 x Disposable Reason, 2 x Normal Cloth

Roborock Robot Offers

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Roborock S5 Max - S6 - S5 specification comparison

Roborock S5 Max Roborock S6 Roborock S5
Power (Pa) 2000 2000 2000
Cpu Unknown ARM Allwinner R16 Quad-Core Unknown
Autonomy (min) 180 150 150
Battery (mAh) 58 Li-ion 5,200 Li-ion 5,200 Li-ion 5,200
Power (Watts) 58 58 58
Noise (dB) 60-66 45-60 (50% less than S5) 54-67
Powder tank (ml) 460 480 480
Water tank (ml) 290 140 140
Alexa / Google support Si Si Si
Washing function Si Si Si
Water regulation Yes (via app) Yes (on the tank) No
Cloth Microfiber Microfiber + Disposable Microfiber
Central brush Yes (removable for maintenance) Yes (removable for maintenance) Yes (monoblock)
Side brush Silicone Products Silicone Products bristles
Infrared sensors Si Si Si
Cleaning algorithm Yes (LDS + SLAM, Improved, ~ 20% faster cleaning) Yes (LDS + SLAM, Improved, ~ 20% faster cleaning) Yes (LDS + SLAM)
Carpet recognition Si Si Si
Room recognition Si Si No
Room suction planning Si Si No
Room washing planning Si No No
Multi-floor support Up to 3 saved maps Up to 3 saved maps No
Automatic refill and recovery of cleaning Yes (AI algorithm) Si Si
Map management Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, virtual washing walls, prohibited areas Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, prohibited areas Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, prohibited areas
Number of sensors 14 14 13
App Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android), Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android), Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android)
filters E11-grade washable HEPA E11-grade washable HEPA E11-grade washable HEPA
Barrier limits (cm) 2 2 2
Weight (kg) 3.5 3.5 3.5
Thickness (cm) 9.6 9.6 9.6
Diameter (cm) 35 35 35
Price 334 € 415 € 339 €

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