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Offer - Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G gigabit usb 3.0 to 38 € Warranty 2 Years Europe and priority shipping 1 €

With Xiaomi WiFi 3G router you no longer have bandwidth! Take advantage of the offer and bring it home at a super affordable price:

This router is the improved version of the 3 WiFi WiFi Router. With 867Mbps wireless speed through the 5GHz band and 300Mbps on 2.4GHz, the device provides excellent performance, while the coverage is provided by 4 high gain antennas, which make it ideal for larger homes. The implementation of the dual-core MT7621A MIPS processor and the use of 256MB RAM DDR3-1200 ensure an excellent response in streaming, gaming and other expensive activities. We also report that the settings of the router are easily changed via the smartphone app.

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Alessandro Gioffredi
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Alessandro Gioffredi

Good morning, but I pass on gearbest to 38 and broken ... I can not find discount code

Simone Rodriguez

It was a January 19 offer

Alessandro Gioffredi
not ready yet
Alessandro Gioffredi

Ah ok, thanks guys

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