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ColorOs 2.1: Here is the new UI Oppo on Find 7

Find 7 is perhaps one of the most interesting terminals of the Chinese company Oppo and, these days, it was at the center of a major upgrade of the interface, but it still remains Android 4.4.2. According to some Asian media, Oppo's intention would be to skip the upgrade to Kit Kat (maybe because it does not meet expectations) to get directly to the latest release of the green robotic. Compared to the previous version, coloros it has not changed that much. Many bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been made graphically, as well as some changes in hardware management.

Here's the complete changelog:


Added support for external SD card using ext4 format, which allows you to copy files larger than 4GB - Captain Malu
Optimized the volume control experience, now you'll be able to control the Ringtone and Notification volume separately - JayCapo1
Fixed the issue that notification access for android wear became invalid after the screen was turned off - RayB
Fixed the issue that sometimes quick toggles in notification center may become misaligned - spiritedwithin
Fixed the issue that apps like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram may force close after using for a while - StevenM
Fixed the issue that Wi-Fi 5GHz only support channel 34 to 64, now it's changed to comply with the international standard - groby29
El Porcharo
Fixed the problem that some strings are not translated into languages ​​in notification center - Jacob_DK


Fixed the issue that widget settings is reset to default after changing theme or language - Bedsurfer


Fixed the issue that deleting lockscreen notification will unlock the phone - bertosk


Fixed the issue in Hangouts when chatting with a contact, click on the image of a contact the contacts app will force close --GianmaKeys93


Optimized the alarm clock, increased the maximum number of alarm clocks from 10 to 30 - Gracchus
Fixed the issue that even when the alarm clock is turned off, it still rings at the set time - OPPO POWA


Fixed the issue that under Turkish language when clicking the photos preview icon in Camera you can not open the gallery --CodeRed

[Easy Cover]

Fixed the issue that after pressing the clear all icon in task manager the easy cover to lose functioning - magicseeker


Added alphabetically scroll bar in music player, now when you slide on the music list interface you will be able to search a song by simply tapping the letters - Jgosh


Fixed the issue that when watching videos the Video app may stop working - azam_cool

[Memory Cleanup]

Optimized the memory cleanup app now the apps in the white list and when adding apps to the white list all apps are sorted alphabetically - kishd
[Guest Mode]

Fixed the issue that Guest mode is not working - JohnM


Optimized Wi-Fi settings changed the default Wi-Fi band to Auto - Jakub Dolezal
Fixed the issue that apps may appear duplicate in notification center settings - cbcr
Fixed the issue that Settings -> General -> More -> Factory data reset -> Erase all is not working when the storage is unified —- El Porcharo

We also show you some screenshots with the main changes in the interface:





For those who are interested in downloading the new interface walpapers this is the link.

Here the link to the official Oppo thread with the download to the firmware and the installation guide

In conclusion, let's know that the update is also available for the Oppo Find 7a variant.

What do you think about the new interface?

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