How to customize the color and rhythm of the Always On Display on MIUI 11

One of the things that users Android love of this system is the possibility of customization: with or without root, the UI of the green robot allows the also special customizations that make our devices unique not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from that of usability. In particular, a nice thing we have become fond of is theAlways On Display (AOD), or the feature that allows, from screen off, of display certain information in a personalized manner, such as the timetable. With the MIUI 11 we were given the opportunity to choose between different display modes but let's face it, they are not many nor exciting. A member of the developer team XDA which responds to the name of acervenky has solved this little flaw, giving us the chance to customize the color and rhythm of the Always On Display on our Xiaomi.

How to customize the color and rhythm of the Always On Display on MIUI 11

In reality there is no real guide to follow, nor points, but there is only to root your device. Yes, that's right. For the moment this personalization is available only for those who have implemented the device root and therefore has access to many more "permissions" than a user who has not. Before telling you how to do it, however, we would like to stress that this procedure is possible, for obvious reasons, only on Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones with AMOLED display

. The team points out that this feature does not work with Mi A3 since MIUI is required.

customize always on display

Credits to XDA Developer

Once you make sure that your smartphone is rooted and has installed the Substratum themes manager, we proceed to download the app Trinity Theme from the Play Store. Once done the device restarts, si opens the app in question e let's take the effect which you prefer. Unlike Xiaomi's default Breathing Light feature, which is limited to a couple of colors and an effect "Starlight" you can choose from seven different colors. Also, while Xiaomi's default feature requires you to disable any other Always On Display type, Trinity Theme will work without interrupting other AOD lock screens.

In addition to changing colors, you can also choose between the rhythm and the effects of light always via the AOD settings in MIUI. While waiting for the MIUI team to bring us new ways of customization (because they will surely come with the upcoming updates of the MIUI 11), we can put a patch in this way.


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Christian Piva
Christian Piva
1 year ago

About MIUI 11 I have been trying to do the update for 2 days but when it arrives between 1,3 and 1,7 GB on 1,8 GB to download I find it impossible to download and start over, what can I do? I have a Mi Mix 2

Luca Mastroianni
Luca Mastroianni
1 year ago

Mi Mix 2 is not amoled

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