How to customize the Ambient on Display on MIUI 11

There are those who love him and those who hate him. Then there is that he would like but the smartphone, for various reasons, has little autonomy and therefore does not want it anymore. In short, theAmbient on Display (AOD) is a feature of MIUI 11 which also has positive points. We talked about it some time ago with a guide for customize the color and rhythm of the AoD: unfortunately in that case we needed the root of the smartphone because normally you do not have the permissions to do so. Today instead we see how to customize the Amendend on Display of our device in a few steps and no need to roll it. It is a very simple thing that not everyone can do.

How to customize the Ambient on Display on MIUI 11

Good or bad everyone is aware of the possibility of change images (accompanied by notification icons) on Ambient on Display. But there is a slice of users who would like to make it much more custom maybe entering a sentence or even memories. Thanks to this guide we will all know how to do it. It is obvious that only users who have already updated the device to the following will be able to follow the guide MIUI 11.

1. First you must enter the "Settings"Of our device by clicking on the gear icon and from there search"Ambient display and lock screen". Alternatively, you can go to "Display", scroll to the end and select the AoD option;

2. Once you have proceeded to the first step you will find yourself on the screen dedicated to the feature. At the top you will find written "Ambient display" activate it if you have deactivated it by clicking on the button. Once this is done you will have to click on the small square immediately below (the one with the word “Follow Xiaomitoday.it") To find yourself on the screen"Temi";

3. At this point we will have to do scroll down passing through several preset models; under the "Digital" model there will be the model "Company“, That is the one that interests us most. We click on the one that best suits us to access the final window where we can write what we want and see it again with the phone switched off. Here we can choose from many options including how to align the writing font size and bold thickness. We will then have the opportunity to make the writing dynamic by making them change color automatically (you can click to get a preview).

4. The final point will obviously be to click on the "Apply". The game is done: we can lock our device and see after a few seconds the writing we have chosen.

We hope that the guide to personalize thembient on Display on MIUI 11 was clear and useful.

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5 months ago

I noticed that some apps do not appear as an icon in the AOD ... the most important for me is Outlook, do you think?

Maurizio Ferrari
7 months ago

I would like to know if and how to always have it visible and on. Instead it turns off after a short time. I have several of xiaomi with AOD. I know it's not always on, but is it possible what I asked for? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Maurizio Ferrari
Maurizio Ferrari
7 months ago

It's already set up like this. Unfortunately after a few minutes, or even less on some devices, it turns off. I thought that in some way you could get around the shutdown (maybe through adb commands) instead it seems really not.Xiaomi should let the user decide on battery consumption, and do like Samsung or Realme, where this problem is not there. Thanks anyway.

Maurizio Ferrari
Maurizio Ferrari
6 months ago

Dear Gianluca, come and go I understand the catch. This is the ambient brightness, which artificially increased allows the AOD to operate in an always-on mode. I also read that the preset calibration would not be editable. Do you agree? However solved the arcane. Salutone!

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