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19 January 2021 10: 55
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It must be admitted that Apple this year did not make a bang like the other years. The new devices are powerful but the criticisms speak of iPhone 11 better than 12. This because? Maybe there has been little innovation and the price doesn't fit much. Many then resented the fact that in the sales box the charger was not present. We are not here to criticize, on the contrary: I personally believe that in all this a smart move has been made: the presentation of 12 iPhone Mini. It was such a welcome step that too Redmi it will do the same thing.

A Redmi mini on the horizon: the brand is preparing a super compact smartphone and the fashion of ergonomic devices is back. But what is the price to pay?

Not all that glitters is gold. As you have no doubt understood there is a "but" as big as a house. But let's go step by step. Lu Weibing in recent days, in addition to having announced the release of Redmi K30S in China, which is none other than one Xiaomi Mi 10T, he also began to think about a compact device. Just like those who went a few years ago: think of Xiaomi Mi 6

, among the most loved ever. A maximum diagonal of 5.8 " would be the goal. But what will the compromise be?

redmi wants to make a mini smartphone like iphone 12 mini

Obviously the battery. Small proportions call it one low battery, unless you overdo the thickness. Sure, with the new ones carbon batteries efficiency is now optimal, but this is not enough. If the brand really opts for an ultra-compact smartphone then it must focus onsoftware optimization. If Apple manages to make a 3000 mAh cell suffice, why can't Xiaomi and Redmi? This is my personal opinion but there are also those who think differently. In fact, many users (as you can understand from the comments on Weibo, agree to produce a small smartphone with an equally small battery. The important thing is that the value for money is maintained that the brand has always had.

What do you think?

Source | Weibo

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