Xiaomi Viomi V3 vs Roborock S5 Max comparison: The differences between the two robot vacuum cleaners

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The two models have a lot in common, especially regarding functions, but they are there nonetheless little differences that could make our choice in buying between Viomi V3 and RoboRock S5 MAX.

Suction power

The first aspect in which we find a substantial difference is certainly the suction force. According to the technical specifications, the Viomi V3 reaches 2600 pa which collide against the 2000 pa of the S5 Max. The difference in the practical test is not so clear: the V3 proves to have something more like aspiration, but we have not noticed 600 pa of difference. We still have excellent performance for both models.

roborock s5 max

Floor washing

In general, both products offer a fairly similar cleaning experience, but here too we find some small differences in favor of the Viomi V3.

In both the two robots we find the possibility of washing and vacuuming simultaneously and it is a great convenience. The Roborock S5 Max has a separate and dedicated water tank, but is relatively small (0,29l). For the Viomi V3 there are different tanks available: a bivalent one (washing and aspiration) capable of roughly containing the same amount of water, while with that dedicated to washing it reaches 550ml. For the one dedicated to suction we have the same capacity. Honestly 550ml is also excessive for most scenarios, but it is fair to point out this advantage.

For the two models there is the same washing management with the ability to adjust the water supply on 3 levels.

Another function that we appreciated and that is present only in Viomi V3 it is Y mode. The robot moves back and forth at short intervals, tracing a path that resembles a Y. In this mode, more thorough cleaning is obtained but in longer times.

Map management

At the time of release, the Roborock S5 MAX had already implemented the "multi map" function very useful for using the robot in different environments or floors, but it was only in beta and with consequent inaccuracies. Fortunately, subsequent updates have filled these gaps by making this function fully functional.
Also in the Viomi V3 we find the same function but with the ability to manage up to 5 maps instead of 3.

On software, I would like to underline the great work of the developers Roborock that release frequent firmware updates with corrections and improvements even after years. The V3 software is already good in its own right but for now we have not been able to evaluate its update frequency.

viomi v3


The Roborock S5 Max and the Viomi V3 have the same diameter, but the Viomi is lower than 2 mm. This difference may seem trivial but it can be fundamental to allow the vacuum cleaner to slip under very low furniture such as the sofa.

In fact, all the new robots that incorporate the laser turret (LDS) suffer from this limitation and 2 mm less can make a big difference.


In this respect Roborock has always provided superior performance to any competitor. Again the soundproofing work is excellent and the Roborock manages to store 10dB less: 65dB vs 75dB. It is true that cleaning is frequently scheduled for when we are absent, but on occasions when we are not, it is pleasant to have a more "discreet" product.


Roborock S5 Max Roborock S6 Viomi V3
Power (Pa) 2000 2000 2600
Cpu Unknown ARM Allwinner R16 Quad-Core Unknown
Autonomy (min) 180 150 150
Battery (mAh) Li-ion 5200 Li-ion 5200 Li-ion 4900
Power (Watts) 58 58 33
Noise (dB) 65 45-60 (50% less than S5) 75
Powder tank (ml) 460 480 550
Water tank (ml) 290 140 550
Alexa / Google support Si Si Si
Washing function Si Si Si
Water regulation Yes (via app) Yes (on the tank) Yes (via app)
Cloth Microfiber Microfiber + Disposable Microfiber
Central brush Si Si Si
Side brush Silicone Silicone bristles
Infrared sensors Si Si Si
Cleaning algorithm Yes (LDS + SLAM, Improved, ~ 20% faster cleaning) Yes (LDS + SLAM, Improved, ~ 20% faster cleaning) Yes (LDS + SLAM)
Carpet recognition Si Si No
Room recognition Si Si Si
Room suction planning Si Si No
Room washing planning Si No No
Multi-map support Up to 3 saved maps Up to 3 saved maps Up to 5 saved maps
Automatic refill and recovery of cleaning Si Si Si
Map management Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, virtual washing walls, prohibited areas Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, prohibited areas Zone cleaning, virtual suction walls, prohibited areas
Number of sensors 14 14 13
App Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android), Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android), Roborock (iOS, Android) Mi Home (iOS, Android)
filters E11-grade washable HEPA E11-grade washable HEPA E11-grade HEPA washable - Anti Virus
Barrier limits (cm) 2 2 2
Weight (kg) 3.5 3.5 3.5
Thickness (cm) 9.65 9.65 9.45
Diameter (cm) 35 35 35

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1 year ago

From your beautiful and useful comparison, two very similar robots would seem, even the Xiaomi Viomi V3 would seem slightly more complete, but if I then go to see the single ratings, one is assigned a score of 8 (VIOMI V3) and the other well 9.3 (Roborock S5 Max), so I guess you enjoyed the latter more in the end? Thank you. Mattia

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