Confirmed Redmi K30 4G: the cheapest version without 5G

In these days we have talked about it in all the sauces: processor, battery, connectivity, display and much more about the expected Redmi K30 that 10 December 2019 should arrive on the international market.

What we haven't told you yet and what we do in this article, is that in addition to the 5G connectivity model, the Chinese brand has also provided a cheaper version called Redmo K30 4G. Although the 5G is the theme on which all the biggest players in the mobile telephony sector will focus in the upcoming 2020, Redmi has decided to give all users who do not enjoy the new connection technology the opportunity to treat yourself to a true champion.

redmi k30 4G

The 4G connectivity will continue for much longer and before the switch to the 5G will take place definitively, they will still spend a good deal of years, just like between 3G and 4G. On the other hand Redmi points to a clientele that relies heavily on the final price of a smartphone with a guarantee of the best quality / price ratio, even giving up features that objectively still do not find the right outlet for everyday use.

redmi k30 4G

Confirmed Redmi K30 4G: the cheapest version without 5G

Anyway Redmi K30 4G should be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, seen on Mi Note 10, 6,66 inch display with Full HD + resolution with 120 Hz refresh rate, quadruple room on the rear with 64 MP main sensor which will join a telephoto lens from 8 MP, a wide-angle lens from 13 MP and finally an 2 MP for data acquisition aimed at the bokeh effect. Do not miss a starting storage base attached to 64 GB, NFC, ID reader on the side frame, IR transmitter, mini jack input and a large 4500 mAH battery with 27W fast charge support, all moved by the MIUI 11 interface probably still based on Android 9 Pie.

redmi k30 4G

What will be tempting will be the price, as the Redmi k30 4G will debut with a list of 1999 yuan, equal to around 255 euros at current exchange rates. What surely won't turn up their nose on the loss of 5G connectivity is that the new Redmi K30 4G will integrate 12 antennas inside the body, thus relying on 2,4 reception times superior to any other 4G smartphone.

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You should always put that type of screen (ips or amoled) mount the device, at least until there are two types: it makes so much difference on the general quality of the smartphone and knowing it is important.

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