[Contest] Win a Xiaomi mi3 or a Hongmi [Completed. winning post numbers inside]

Today's contest is very interesting, giving you the chance to win one of them 8 Xiaomi mi3 or one of them 12 Hongmi Red Rice (5 for the Chinese market and 7 UMTS).

What you need to do to participate in the contest is simply log in with your account on the en.miui.com forum and give your feedback to the 3.11.29 version from here and post the voting screen here .


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The contest ends December 5th 2013 (Beijing time) and the 20 winners will be announced on December 6th.


8 winners of F-code for Xiaomi MI3 are authors of reply no.2,26,33,45,67,98,112,137
5 winners of F-code for Hongmi Red Rice TD Version are authors of reply no. 11,52,77,89,123
7 winners F-code for Hongmi Red Rice WCDMA Version are authors of reply no. 19,38,80,102,141,150,168









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Giovanni A
Giovanni A
7 years ago
Reply to  pukos

good luck!!

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