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Scoop! Xiaomi's first crossover has been photographed and it looks very much like the Ferrari Purosangue

Xiaomi has emerged in the panorama of electric cars with arrogance by presenting its Xiaomi SU7. While waiting for theThe brand's electric car enters the global market, the giant is warming up its engines (not surprisingly) for a new vehicle: the first Crossovers Xiaomi. Recently, some images have emerged that have captured the attention of enthusiasts and industry experts.

Xiaomi crossover: here are the first preview photos

This vehicle, which promises to be the second in the Xiaomi range after the SU7 sedan, has been spotted on Chinese roads, arousing great curiosity. Although it is still under development and identified with the code MX11, its design attracted attention. The paparazzi and users on Chinese social media noticed a surprising resemblance to the Ferrari Purosangue crossover, suggesting a bold stylistic choice on Xiaomi's part.

Despite the heavy camouflage, some significant details emerged. Above the windshield, a deal, similar to the one present on the SU7, indicating Xiaomi's intention to integrate advanced autonomous driving technologies. As far as motorization is concerned, information is still scarce. However, rumors suggest the possibility of a work hybrid. This hypothesis is supported by Xiaomi's recent moves, which is actively seeking specialized power plant engineers, signaling strong interest in alternative propulsion solutions.

Il launch of this crossover is scheduled for 2025, a timing that underlines Xiaomi's ambition to quickly establish itself as a serious competitor in the automotive sector. The company seems determined to challenge established brands like Tesla by aiming for a mix of attractive design and cutting-edge technology. Nothing to say about the price: it's too early to talk about it, especially after the numerous rumors that saw the first model as the protagonist.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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