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CUBOT A10 – AFFORDABLE smartphone with 12 GB of RAM and ANDROID 14

I have often brought cheap smartphones to your attention, getting excited when I found one capable of performing every task satisfactorily without therefore regretting the purchase I made. Today it's the turn of the CUBOT A10, which after an initial positive impact left a bad taste in my mouth. It is necessary to tell you why, trying to be as concise as possible.

[World Preview]Android 14 Cubot A10 Smartphone, 12GB RAM(4GB+8GB Extended), 128GB ROM(Support up to 1TB Extended), Octa-core, 6,56-inch 90Hz Screen, 5100mAh, 48MP, 5G WiFi , mobile phone on offer

to July 18, 2024 10:52


The "entry level" smartphone from CUBOT boasts a well-finished but above all complete package as inside we find a protective cover for the smartphone, charger with European socket and 5V-2A/10W output, pre-applied display film, pin removal of SIM tray, manuals and USB-A/USB-C charging and data transfer cable. Therefore only a pair of earphones are absent, but poco bad because you can exploit the ones you already have by counting on the presence of the 3.5 mm jack (spoiler). Only note, which applies to CUBOT but also to all the other brands: instead of inserting manuals that no one reads and which is of no use, a QR Code could be inserted that refers to these manuals, preserving the environment.


CUBOT A10 offers dimensions equal to 165.6 x 75.50 x 10,40 mm for a total weight of 200 grams, which make the device not exactly compact although the "brick" format helps in the grip and stability of the terminal. The smartphone does not have any liquid/dust resistance certification and the back cover is made entirely of plastic, a single body available in three colors: black, light blue and purple. The rear only shows the brand logo, CE marking (intended for China Export) and a rather flashy photographic compartment considering that we only have 2 lenses (one actually usable) and an LED flash.

The upper profile is clean, except for the 3.5 mm jack already mentioned above, while on the left we find the SIM tray, capable of hosting two nano SIMs with 4G Dual connectivity, or by giving up the Dual SIM function we can insert a micro SD expand system memory with support up to 1TB. We don't have e-SIM so the choice is yours whether to have two numbers or whether to give more space for storing photos, videos etc.. The right profile houses the volume rocker and the power button. I'll say right now that there is no biometric sensor for unlocking the phone via fingerprint, so the only unlocking options are via code/pin/pattern or unlocking via face using the selfie camera. For the latter, the camera is not always able to recognize the face at first glance, in addition to the fact that in low ambient light conditions, everything becomes poco reliable. So the basic CUBOT A10 is a smartphone poco sure, to whom I would not willingly entrust banking apps.

Finally, the lower profile provides space for the microphone (the only one as the secondary is absent to reduce hiss during calls), Type-C input for charging and data transfer with OTG support and the mono 1217 loudspeaker system speaker which I didn't particularly like it, not so much for the audio performance, but for the volume poco generous. We can certainly have a greater boost in quality and volume with wired headphones, but we cannot use them for listening to FM radio as they are absent at system level. Overall the design is not convincing at all, too obsolete and too "cheap".


Just to complete the design discussion, I didn't understand the brand's reason for inserting the ear capsule in a decentralized way, considering that there is plenty of space for the brightness and proximity sensors, given the size of the frames that surround the display.

CUBOT A10 offers a panel interrupted by the presence of a teardrop notch with an attached selfie camera, something that hasn't been seen on current smartphones for at least 3 years. The quality of the display could leave a bad taste in the mouth, but not entirely: we are equipped with a 6,56″ IPS display, 267 ppi, in 20:9 format with HD+ resolution (720 x 1612 pixels), whose brightness peak is not high (I don't know the real value but it shouldn't exceed 400 nits). The specifications are out of place nowadays and therefore the presence of a 90 Hz refresh rate is rather useless if we consider that the Widevine DRMs are L3. However, I was surprised by the fact that although the display is not certified as HDR, on Youtube at 720p resolution it recognizes such content, providing good color rendering and fluidity.

The 90 Hz refresh rate can be managed at a fixed value or let the system decide the refresh rate based on the content shown on the screen. I don't totally reject the CUBOT A10 panel, in fact compared to other cheap devices I've tried I also found it satisfying but it's certainly not a standout element. However, the functioning of the proximity sensor was positive while the lighting sensor was a bit conservative. Finally, I would like to point out the presence of the dark theme, the possibility of resizing the font, icons, having the text bold or with high contrast, improving the quality of video viewing on some apps and adjusting the contrast and color temperature.


As already mentioned, the speaker is mono and the audio returned seems to suffer from a certain imbalance towards the medium-high tones to the detriment of the bass. Even the audio in the capsule was poor in terms of quality and volume: I didn't understand if it depends on the position of the ear capsule, although I must admit overall the result was crystal clear.

There is a Bluetooth 5.0 module, 3,5 mm jack, GPS with "theoretically" coupling of Galileo satellites, which does not seem to fix the satellite or at least takes an eternity to pick up the signal, with considerable difficulties during navigation. Finally we find OTG and WiFi Dual 2.4/5.0 GHz. The functioning of everything is not guaranteed with Android Auto, in fact in my tests the system kept constantly disconnecting while the data navigation is of the 4G Dual type whose navigation speed is within expectations . In short, the failure to fix the satellites weighs heavily on the final considerations of this phone.


CUBOT A10 adopts a very low-end SoC, namely the UNISOC T606, an octacore processor with a maximum clock of 1.6 GHz and a 12nm production process (6x Cortex A55 + 2x Cortex A75), already seen on other models already covered here on the blog, which is accompanied by 3 GB DDR4 RAM which can be virtually expanded by a further 8 GB. The GPU is the Mali G57 and the storage is 128 GB of eMMC type expandable up to 1 TB via micro SD card. You read that right, no errors, we are talking about old hardware and definitely poco performing, even if for example the processor mentioned on other models worked wonderfully. On CUBOT A10 everything seems to have slowed down, although I have never encountered any type of freeze or sudden restart. I wouldn't have expected the device to be able to perform stressful operations like with the latest generation gaming, but all daily operations are performed without particular effort, but not quickly.

The positive thing is the software, based on Android 14 with patches updated in May 2024. I wouldn't count too much on the company releasing major releases and security-related updates, but it's a good starting point for not having an existing phone straight away. old. We don't find any customization or bloatware, but personally I found it strange that when I first started the camera I had to give permission to manage calls. Speaking of calls, Google's stock dialer is present which allows recording but with the alert in the background.


The battery is a 5100 mAh unit. The company declares a battery life of up to 3 days and guarantees 800 complete charging cycles while maintaining 80% of the original performance before deterioration. There is no wireless charging and the maximum charging power supported is a modest 10W, so it takes at least 4 hours to have full energy. The 3 days declared are perhaps declared in an exaggerated manner but with average use you will easily reach 2 days.


An aspect that instead surprised me, in relation to the price and the components of the device, is that relating to the photographic sector and related performance. The main camera of the CUBOT A10 is made up of a 48 MP, f/2.4 primary sensor which actually uses the 4 in 1 pixel binning technique, so you shoot at 12 MP in 4:4 mode, a resolution that drops to 4,6, 16 MP for 9:0.3 shots. The primary sensor is accompanied by a 0.5 MP auxiliary camera which serves solely to collect light and depth of field data, all accompanied by a XNUMXA single tone LED flash.

The videos are not stabilized in any way even in the presence of the EIS function and the maximum resolution at which we can shoot them is 1080p 30 fps. The selfie camera is a 16 MP, f/2.0 unit which allows video capture at only 720p 30 fps. Given that at night it is better to leave aside trying to take home a worthy memory, in natural conditions the photos come out quite well and full of details with fairly natural colours. The success of the photos is probably due to the presence of a sort of AI that processes the scene and automatically sets the shooting parameters for the success of the photo. CUBOT A10 is not a camera phone but I reiterate my positive surprise in seeing the shots taken, I would say promoted under this scope.

[World Preview]Android 14 Cubot A10 Smartphone, 12GB RAM(4GB+8GB Extended), 128GB ROM(Support up to 1TB Extended), Octa-core, 6,56-inch 90Hz Screen, 5100mAh, 48MP, 5G WiFi , mobile phone on offer

to July 18, 2024 10:52


CUBOT A10 costs poco less than 100 euros on the brand's official store on the AliExpress platform. A price apparently in focus if you are looking for an economical device, a bit of an all-rounder. Here, however, we must count that we have the uncertainty of receiving any major firmware updates, but above all that Android Auto does not work and, even more seriously, the GPS does not work, so if you rely on it in a city you do not know you will risk having friends and relatives should contact Who saw it? The fierce competition which offers much, much more at lower prices, just look at Motorola, does not lead me to recommend this CUBOT A10 to you despite what I have told you.

6.6 Total score

Unfortunately, CUBOT A10 cannot keep up with competing brands that offer better in the same price range. Some "unsolvable" defects cannot be overshadowed in view of a cheap price but not too much.

  • JACK 3.5MM
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