Customize your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO with MIUI themes: wallpapers, icons and much more

Perhaps this guide will be trivial for many, almost useless but reading many comments under the reviews videos that we publish on our Youtube channel, I often read about people asking which icon pack I have installed on the smartphone under test and how to install it also on the their device. In short, perhaps someone still does not know that among the many functions offered by MIUI, we find the possibility to customize the home and the general appearance of our device, changing icons, lock screen and much more, in a simple, free and affordable way. all. So if you are among those who do not know how to customize their smartphone, you have come to the right place.


Customize your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO with MIUI themes: wallpapers, icons and much more

Giving your device a new look is really easy, you just need to access the TEMI application, which you find installed by default on every smartphone equipped with MIUI ROM. Once inside the app, you will find 3 different icons at the bottom, the first in the shape of a brush allows you to access the many themes available that will allow you to create a unique look on the home of your smartphone, changing icons, backgrounds and fonts. Once you have chosen the theme, you have to click on the FREE / PREMIUM item to start the download. Don't worry about the PREMIUM wording, it just implies that you might see an advertising video before downloading, but that has never happened to me personally. In any case, once you have downloaded the chosen theme, you can apply it in its entirety or decide to apply only some aspects, for example by choosing only the item relating to icons. At this point click on the APPLY button and you will find yourself with the home of your device customized with the elements you have chosen.


By accessing the head icon instead, you will access what has already been downloaded on your smartphone. From here you can choose whether to apply the themes in their entirety, or whether to apply only the backgrounds, icons or unlock styles of a particular theme, creating unique and totally customized combinations.

Unfortunately, although the MIUI interface offers an endless possibility of customization in terms of themes, it is not possible to apply a package of icons, for example available on the Google Play Store. This option is available only, with the POCO Launcher, installed by default on POCO smartphones or always available on the Play Store. So how do you go about installing an icon pack? Well the simplest solution is to install the POCO Launcher directly otherwise you can proceed with a customization through the Theme Editor For MIUI application. The program allows you to change elements such as wallpapers, icons and fonts on pre-installed theme packs.

POCO Launcher 2.0
POCO Launcher 2.0
Fast and lightweight launcher specially designed for Android phones.
Free of charge

If you choose this second option, provided that you already have an icon package available and that you have installed Theme Editor for MIUI, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Theme Editor app for MIUI;
  • Click on "Choose a theme" and choose the theme you want to change;
  • Click on the button "Start" to start editing the selected theme;
  • click on "App icons", then up “Import entire package of icons”;
  • If you click on "Select Icon Pack" you will have access to the various packages available on your smartphone. Select one and click "End";
  • Uncheck the option "Apply changes only to installed applications" so that the theme icons can be overwritten;
  • To touch "Back" to return to the initial application menu;
  • Finally, click "Forward" and end the process with "End".

Theme Editor For MIUI
Theme Editor For MIUI
MIUI Theme Editor is the most powerful Xiaomi (MIUI) theme editor.
Free of charge

Theme Editor For MIUI will create a copy of the original theme. When the process is complete, select the option "Install" so that the modified package is installed on the mobile. Go to the MIUI TEMI application and apply the duplicate theme by clicking the button "Apply".


The potential of this application are really many, allowing us a thorough customization of the theme of our smartphone. But perhaps this is another story that we will tell you in the future. Let us know if you are interested, with a comment below.

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