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Xiaomi Annual Technology Awards: the CyberDog team takes home 1 million dollars

Over the past two years, Xiaomi has given great importance to the exploration of technology, even establishing the Xiaomi Annual Technology Awards. Last year this award was won by the fast charging team and the privacy protection team on MIUI, with each team receiving one million dollars.

Xiaomi Annual Technology Awards: the CyberDog team takes home 1 million dollars

Well, this afternoon, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun posted a post stating that the group held the Xiaomi Annual Technology Awards ceremony on the first working day of 2022. This year there were 68 participating projects. , the most renowned award was won by the CyberDog quadruped bionic robot team.

Lei Jun also pointed out that this team gave him three super surprises, one of which is that the CyberDog team has two recent graduates recruited from the school in 2020. These two students joined Xiaomi for just one year and won the most high premium from Xiaomi.

The second is that the CyberDog project brings together technology from many of the group's R&D teams and these technologies are soon being applied to core products. For example, the new "all things focus tracking" computer photography technology equipped on Xiaomi Mi 12 comes from CyberDog, therefore it has a more mainstream use.

The third point is because the CyberDog project represents the bold pioneering spirit, the incredible desire to grow and the imagination of the future technological life of Xiaomi engineers. With such a small team and such a result poco time, it's hard to ask for more.

Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog

Lei Jun said that "technology-based" is the leitmotif that Xiaomi will never change and that engineering culture is the background color of Xiaomi's genes. Ensuring the engineers' sense of achievement and happiness is the group's top priority, as is the hope of sustainable development for the future.

According to official reports, Xiaomi will steadfastly continue to increase investment in research and development, with the group's investments exceeding 100 billion yuan (13 billion euros) within five years. At the same time, Xiaomi will continue to promote the “Young Engineer Equity Incentive Plan” to provide the best engineers with the best remuneration.

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2 years ago

Speaking of cyberdog, news on its development? There had been no news for a while