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There appears to be a release date for the ChatGPT-based search engine

OpenAI is preparing to shake up the technological landscape with an announcement scheduled for Monday: the launch of a new research product based on artificial intelligence, namely the ChatGPT based search engineThis will come on the eve of Google's annual event, marking a crucial moment in the competition between the web search giants. At least that's what was reported by Reuters.

OpenAI search engine release date with ChatGPT

According to sources close to OpenAI, Monday next a new search product will be announced that could rival search giant Google. This move is significant because OpenAI, known for its flagship product ChatGPT, appears poised to expand its capabilities by directly integrating information from the web, with the addition of quotes, making interactions richer and more informed.

Bloomberg e The Information have revealed that Microsoft supports OpenAI in this endeavor, signaling a potential shift in the dynamics of search market currently dominated by Google. The goal seems to be to offer a credible and innovative alternative in the sector, where Perplexity, another promising startup founded by a former OpenAI researcher, is already making its place.

The ad timing strategy is cunning: barely positioned one day before the start of the Google I/O conference, aims to capture attention and perhaps overshadow the news that Google is planning to reveal i.e WearOS 5. This event is known for being a stage where Google's latest AI innovations are presented, which makes the choice of OpenAI particularly provocative.

As for the product itself, it looks like it will extend ChatGPT's functionality, allowing the chatbot to draw information directly from the web and to integrate quotes into your answers. This development could resolve some of the issues with accuracy and timeliness of information that have previously limited ChatGPT, which has already partnered with Microsoft's Bing for paid subscribers.

Gianluca Cobucci
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