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REVIEW of the Xiaomi Smart Jacket that Selfheats - How cool (Coupon inside 106 €) !!!
The 90fun, the famous crowdfunding brand of Xiaomi, runs to the aid of everyone in the cold of the world with its jacket capable of self-heating. We've tried it! From the point of view ...
Xiaomi Mi9 Lite - Full review
This year Xiaomi has really exaggerated. He has accustomed us to churning out different models for every family but perhaps never like the Mi9 they gave us inside. Xiaomi Mi9, Mi9SE, Mi9T, Mi9T Pro ..... and now ...
Review - Earphones TWS Bluetooth Headphones 5.0 Blitzwolf BW-FYE7 (Coupons inside 29 €)
Some time ago, if they had told us to give up our beautiful wired headphones we would surely have unleashed hell :) Today we are in the era of BT 5.0 TWS headphones (for newbies ...
T12 Cube Review: The Economical Tablet That Knows Amazing
3 years ago

Tablet Cube T12

€ 77.50 € 86.11
3G 16GB MTK MT8321 Quad Core 10.1 Inch Android 6.0
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