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Review Xiaomi Acton Electric Skateboard - Another cool by XIAOMI
Like scooters and bicycles, even skateboards have received a wave of technology that brought them back into the spotlight of the general public, so we couldn't not try ACTON ...
OnePlus 6T - More than iPhone X! Our review
For years now, the so-called "Xiaomi Fans" look at the Apple world a bit like a fan of Turin's Juventus. But if the real rival was hidden within the Android family? The ...
Review WXLight YM - The table loader mushroom
Yes ok, it's not a Xiaomi device, but when we find some useful or noteworthy devices in our hands, we like to report it to you. This is the case of the WXLight YM a table / mushroom light that is ...
Review JMGO M6 mini DLP projector - Hollywood in a palm of your hand
1 years ago

Projector JMGO M6 - 2 Years warranty

348€ 410€
Shipping Italy FREE Express (10 / 20gg Delivery, NO Customs)
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Domino DM368 3G Smartwatch Review (Coupon in Article at 68 €)
In recent years there has been a real explosion about wearable gadgets, including smartwatches that gradually began to look more like regular watches but with a heart ...
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Xiaomi Headphones Light: Full Review (Coupon in the Item)
Until now we have talked about more than anything else about smartphones, but Xiaomi is not limited to just being a manufacturer of such and in its list counts the presence of countless gadgets more or less ...
Oukitel U20 Plus - Full Review
2 years ago

Oukitel U20 Plus

90€ 110€
Shipping ItalyExpress Included (10gg NoDogana)
Xiaomi Mi Mouse: Economic and functional mouse review (discount coupon)
2 years ago

Xiaomi Mi Mouse

€ 15.39 € 25
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