Desaparecidos: Timmy E82 and iNew V3 latitanti.

I write this article for the respect of all those people who, like me, have been fascinated by these two smartphones.
I received these two models in early January and, after having tried them, I immediately realized the excellent level reached by these two manufacturers that, with these top models, had made 13.
Unfortunately, however, something has broken.

Taking advantage of the Chinese vacancy for New Year's Eve Smartylife.net has organized a mixed buying group for all catalog phones.
Not even to say it New and Timmy they went stealing.


On 45 orders well 50% refers to iNew and Timmy with more than 20 devices ordered.

Unfortunately, all of us (I in the first place) have reckoned without the host.

After the Chinese New Year, in fact, bigger realities as well Meizu e Xiaomi they immediately set to work to bring stock levels back to acceptable levels (actually Xiaomi has struggled a bit for accessories) while smaller entities like Timmy and iNew are struggling.


It seems that in the same period of the buying group, the two emerging companies have received an exorbitant amount of orders to send everything to the ball.

It's 15 days that both Timmy and the iNew send day-to-day reports of conflicting news about the next supply.

I am behind as a nursery mastiff in Nitro to have certain news but unfortunately also has his hands tied.

The latest news (07: 30 this morning 21 February) says that Timmy has guaranteed the next supply around Wednesday of the next week while iNew is releasing "micro-stock" every day but, given the crowd, it is very difficult to grab some specimens. It seems that also for iNew the next week is the unlocking one.

What can I say, we are sorry for all those people who, as enchanted as I have been by these two smartphones, have let themselves be tempted to buy these smartphones which are currently "DESAPARECIDOS".

I will continue to stress Nitro and TOP-One to have reliable news and a stock of devices always adequate.

I put myself in the shoes of those who are waiting for their iNew V3 from the 22 in January and I apologize not so much for the wait that does not depend on me as for the unrealized expectations that I fomented.

Having said that, since everything has a limit, I established with Nitro that anyone who wanted to give up the order or could not wait until next week for more certain information can request an immediate refund for the order placed.

To ask for a refund send a mail to [Email protected] indicating:

"Name and surname
Email address
Order number: XXXX
I request instant payment of PayPal payment,

With this article I hope I have done what I like,

via | [Email protected]

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