DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet is the new smart turbo toilet for those with low pressure at the drain

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The DIIIB brand that we have seen in the past with its advanced technology bathroom products has just presented another smart toilet with the name of DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet. The product is now in the crowdfunding campaign at a price of 2299 yuan (300 €), a price that will rise to 4699 yuan (600 €) once the campaign is over.

DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet is the new smart turbo toilet for those with low pressure at the drain

The main advantage of the DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet is that it integrates a dual feed pressurized rinse system. Compared to traditional smart toilets, it has very low water pressure requirements and can reach the necessary water jet without having to modify the original plumbing, in particular we are talking about a flow rate of over 3.2L / s. Hence a strong pressurizing effect and is great for those who typically don't have ideal water pressure.

In terms of working principle, the dual-control exhaust valve with pressurization technology has an innovative internal floating structure which can operate the exhaust valve to open instantly and achieve high power exhaust. At the end of the wash, it will automatically and quickly reset to save on water consumption. There will then be a mechanical control to speed up the washing even if the power is off.

The DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet is available in two versions. The standard one that provides dual motor pressurization, as well as instant heating, a digital display, remote control operation and pulse wash function; and the updated one that costs 300 yuan (39 euros) more and has the functionality to flush the toilet with the foot and an anti-breakage filter at temperatures below zero.

DIIIB Supercharged Smart Toilet

Finally, like any smart toilet you respect, DIIIB's Supercharged Smart Toilet supports seat heating and water heating for intimate washing. In addition to hot air drying, activated carbon deodorization, soft night light and other functions. It also supports displaying the current water temperature on the LCD.

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